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Yet to have a title: Chapter 1
Chapter 1

A/N: This took a while. Lol I have tons of issues going on. Did I mention Epik Bang is hot? They need to collaborate again.

“Well well well, I have nothing but 50,000 won with me? How the hell am I even going to find a place to rent with this amount?” I sighed deeply. I sat down at the small bench in this little park that I managed to find while randomly walking around in Seoul.

I'm a scholar for Chugye University for the Arts. I can't afford to stay at their dorm, because of my incompetence of only having 50,000 won with me, hence I can't even afford a cab to go to the university. Yes, I walked all the way from the airport. I don't even know where exactly am I. What district, what street, I don't know. Well there's a street sign over there but that's not the point.

Augh, What am I going to do?! All I have with me now is this 50,000 won and a 10,000 yen bill. I can't even use my phone to contact the university because it only functions in Japan. Out of sheer desperation I opened my passport, who knows there might be a 10,000 won bill inside of it.

Nope, there wasn't any. I checked the folder for all of the papers I need( birth certificate and all of that ) nope, wasn't any in there either. Finally, my last hope, I flipped through all the pages of my student handbook.

Of course there wasn't any money inserted. I shook my handbook out of anger.

“WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME WH---Oh what's this?” I said as I picked up a small piece of plastic that fell off my handbook.

“A CREDIT CARD?! What the hell is this lovely piece of pl---” Well, shit. Just when I thought I was saved. It seems that my super smart *~saviour~*' had given me his credit card instead. It would have been perfect. A platinum credit card just for me! It would have answered all these problems that I'm having right now. But no! There just had to be another name on it. Ugh he's nice and all but he should check that he put in HIS credit card and not mine. I so love my life.

I got my wallet out of my sling bag and pushed the credit card in some random hole and put all of my stuff back into my bag. Oh man, I'm totally going to live through all of this.

I saw the lights turn green. I grabbed my trolley and crossed the street.

She was right in the middle of the pedestrian lane, the light suddenly turned red.

A light turned green.

A blue car collided with her.

Swiftly, the car hit her body.

The car stopped after realizing it her, a tall man wearing a fancy suit came out of the blue car. He quickly rushed to the girl, her head was bleeding, her stuff were scattered at the ground.

“Hey, are you okay? Hey!” He said as he shook the girl lightly, checking if the girl would somehow regain consciousness.

He carried the girl to his car ignoring the fact that her blood was getting all over his suit, stuffed her things into the trunk of his car and quickly drove to the nearest hospital.


“Is she going to be okay, doctor?”

“We need more time to monitor her condition, Mister....?”

“Choi SeungHyun.”

“And you are the one that hit her am I correct?”

SeungHyun bowed his head. He did not want to acknowledge the fact that he had accidentally hit a girl. He was one of Korea's superstars after all, if this news gets out to the public it would certainly be a blow to their career.

“Please don't tell anyone about this, especially the press.” He said as he averted the doctor's gaze.

“Of course, at least you didn't desert her. That's a good thing. We'll contact you right away after she regains consciousness.”

“Thank you. When she wakes up please give her all of these.”

As SeungHyun was handing  EunAe's body bag to the doctor, her passport suddenly fell from her bag. SeungHyun picked it up and opened it.

“Please take care of miss Lee EunAe.” SeungHyung said as he handed the passport to the doctor.

'Interesting. A Korean that chose to live in Japan? That's kind of rare...'  SeungHyun thought as he walked away.

“You're awake!” The nurse said as she approached EunAe with a smile spread across her face.

“...Huh? Who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here?” EunAe said as she looked at the nurse innocently.

“You're at a hospital, you were sleeping for three days straight! “

“...Why am I at a hospital? What happened?”

“Huh? Don't you remember? You were hit by a car!”

“I...don't remember.” Suddenly EunAe felt a surge of pain on the right side of her head, she immediately clutched her head in pain.

“Miss EunAe, are you okay?!” The nurse said as she went closer to EunAe.

“W-who is this EunAe of which you speak?!” EunAe said as she tried to shove the nurse away from her. The nurse avoided being pushed away and tried to hold EunAe down.

“Please calm down! I'll explain everything to you, once you do.” The nurse managed to calm her down, she then gave EunAe a glass of water. EunAe refused to drink it, she didn't care about the water, she wanted to know what exactly happened.

She does not recall anything anymore. Not her name, not her age not even what happened to her. We all know what this means right? Yes, she does have amnesia, of course the nurse figured that  out too.

“S-So. Who is this EunAe? You still haven't told me who you are.” EunAe said, fuming her brows.

“Oh, my name is Park ChunHei. I'm your nurse, I took care of you while you were asleep. Your name is Lee EunAe, or so your passport says.”  She said as she sat down on the chair beside EunAe's bed.

“H-huh? How is my name EunAe? Did you decide that, and what do you mean 'or so my passport says'? I don't even know if I have such a thing why are you assuming that I have one?”

“You do have a passport! Oh, I forgot to give you your things. I'll give it to you later. Um, I don't know if you're using a real pass...oh whatever. I was not the one who had decided that your name should be EunAe, when you came here your name was already EunAe.”

ChunHei was having a hard time explaining all these stuff to EunAe. Every time ChunHei would explain something to EunAe, she would automatically have a question to ask. It was a never ending cycle.

There was a soft knock on the door, EunAe failed to hear it because she was too absorbed watching a cooking show on the television that was in her room. Not that she understands that much.

A doctor entered.

“Hello, Miss Lee EunAe.” The doctor said, trying to get her attention. EunAe, who was still not used to being called by 'her' name did not even look at the doctor. This startled him, how can she not look? He thought maybe the television was just too loud, so he tapped her on the shoulder.

“Ah!” She said and as she scooted away a bit from the doctor. She wasn't familiar with anyone except the nurse, ChunHei. In fact the only person she knows right now is ChunHei (who is her personal nurse.) and the host of the cooking show that she was always watching.

“How are you feeling today Miss EunAe?” The doctor said with a smile. He then sat down beside EunAe's bed.

“...ChunHei said not to talk to strangers.” She said as she looked away and continued watching.

“W-what? ChunHei? You mean Nurse ChunHei?”

“...Yes. Now please stop talking to me because I don't know you.”

“No, you should talk to me. I'm ChunHei's...friend”  The doctor remembered what the nurse said. She does seem to have retrograde amnesia.

“Y-you are? Sorry, I didn't know. She never introduced people to me. In fact the only people I see are the people inside that box and ChunHei...why are they even inside that box—no wait ChunHei told me it was called a tevision...or something.”

The doctor laughed softly.

There was a knock on the door, the door slided and revealed a tall man. He had his sleek black hair set back, his eyes were covered by dark-tinted sunglasses and he was wearing a brown trench coat over a blazer that had red and blue tongues on it. EunAe looked at this man with awe, she had never seen anyone this tall before. Well, she just woke up and she's suffering from amnesia what do you expect?

“ChunHei, do you know who that man behind you is?” EunAe said as she still stared at him. ChunHei looked at her back. She did not hear anyone knock at the door (because she was too focused on explaining topics to EunAe) she politely bowed to the man and let him sit on the chair she was sitting on.

'This guy looks awfully familiar...' ChunHei thought as she went to the other side of the room.

“Um, this person was the one who brought you to the hospital.”  ChunHei said. She didn't exactly know who he was but he did see him bringing EunAe to the Emergency Room.

“Oh. So you mean he was the one that made me lose all of my memories?” EunAe said as she looked at the man with an angry look.

“I-I'm sorry. It was all my fau—You lost all of your memories?”  The man said, taking off his sun glasses, a pair of deep brown piercing eyes was revealed.

ChunHei gasped. It was Big Bang's T.O.P!  Who would have expected that one of the country's biggest super stars would be sharing the exact same room as her...patient.

A/N:  And so, this chapter is finished.

Because I really love omakes.

“I-I'm sorry. It was all my fau—You lost all of your memories?”  The man said, taking off his sun glasses, a pair of deep brown piercing eyes was revealed.

EunAe gasped, she grabbed her pillow and covered her face.


“Wha...? I'm not here to kill you.” SeungHyun, baffled by her reaction, laughed. Unfortunately, EunAe got even more scared, in desperation she hid behind ChunHei.

“YOU'RE JUST SAYING THAT TO LET MY GUARD DOWN! I SAW WHAT YOU DID TO MIJUNG!  YOU EVEN-- “ ChunHei faced her and placed her hands on her shoulders. She looked at her with a really, really mean glare.

“W-why are you staring at me like that?!”  EunAe said as she dropped her pillow on the ground.(Note: She had D: face on. I can't describe an ohnoes face.)

“EunAe-ah. Calm down.”


“I'll take that as no TV time for a week.”


“No, they're all going to stay inside the TV and you won't see them anymore. Maybe except for Vick who's going to kill you if you don't calm down.” 

Ohnoes face. EunAe doesn't like this. She took a deep breath and stood infront of 'Vick'.

“Y-yes I did lose all of my memories please don't kill me please don't kill me please don't kill me.” She said, trying to smile (and obviously failing)

Omake: End
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