24 October 2009 @ 08:00 am
Dream log QQ  
So in mai dream I was...idk. Really I was in Japan for some odd reason, and I saw Perfume (but just two of them. A-chan and Nocchi, idk where KashiYuka was but whatever)

We were in one room, together with this one guy that I do not know, then Perfume made me gtfo the room, but I peeked XD and I saw A-chan adjusting a TV-Radio thing. She was adjusting the channels and after a while I saw Nocchi appear on the TV and she was singing the first part (well...the first sentence) of One Room Disco (which was kinda static-y) then at the next sentence A-chan went ~INSIDE~ the TV and sang with her then after that the Room transformed into a...Music Video, but The man was singing along with A-chan&Nocchi (...Just for the first part)


I was at the bathroom together with The Man, A man with a sleeveless b&w striped hoodie...and Nocchi I think. Then I realized that the man in the sleeveless hoodie was actually TOP (YES. WTF?) and the hoodie was opened and I could see his ABS *A* *A* *A* *A* A* (yes, I saw it, in my dreams. Idk.)

Then he asked me if I could put oil in his back (...oddly he was speaking in English. YES YOU CAN SEE THAT I HAD TOO MUCH IRIS) at first I was hesitating (idk why, but I was.) Then theMan and Nocchi ~made~ me do it 8D. So I was shyly--putting it on without any care at all (idk. It was just like I was puting lotion on myself. I do not why.)

Then after a while Nocchi complained that her hair was short. Then I was like: "SHORT?! HAVE YOU SEEN MY HAIR?" *removes earphones* Then she just ignored me and continued fixing her hair, then after a while I put back my earphones and TOP was being a cute bitch by trying to make my hair stand up using gel (It will never stand up) HE WAS MESSING IT UP SO MUCH D8 then he like ruffled my hair some more and smiled at me.


My dream is fucking fucked up.