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Yet to have a title: Chapter 3: Arrival
Chapter 3


A/N: Finally, yeah?

EunAe's POV

This is the first time I have ever opened the bag that was given to me. It contained clothes. Well at least the top part of the pile were filled with clothes, there was also a box that said 'Pantsu'[1] on it. I opened that box, got a pair of underwear and grabbed the shirt that was on top of the pile and the jeans that was on the top of the pile.

Finally, I get to wear something different. The shirt that I wore was way to big for me, it reaches up to my knees and the sleeves reach half way through my arm. I don't understand, is this shirt even mine? But, if it wasn't why would it be in my clothes? But the good thing about this shirt is it covers those weird markings on my arms.

I don't only have weird markings on my arms, I have them on my back too (ChunHei said when she taught me how to bathe. Since it's impossible to see your own back right?) I had some on my ankles too. I wonder what happened to me? ChunHei said she thinks I got them even before I got into an accident. Hm, I wonder what was my job before I got amnesia? Maybe I was a spy? or a cop? I think only those jobs got heavy injuries. They're around explotions a lot.

There was a knock on the door, I quickly ran to the door (even if I didn't have my shoes on yet. I hope it's not Mister Choi SeugHyun, I wouldn't want him to wait for me to put on my shoes.) and opened it. It was ChunHei. She looked like she wanted to cry. I wonder what's wrong with her? Is she hurt?

"ChunHei, what's wrong why are y--"

ChunHei took me by surprise. I never expected her to suddenly hug me.

"Don't forget about me okay?" ChunHei said as she placed her hands on my shoulder. She looked like she was going to cry any second.

"Of course I wouldn't. I'll visit you everyday!" I said with a grin.

"Stupid, you can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"You're not sick everyday, only sick people go to the hospital."

"But I am sick everyday, I have amnesia!"

"That doesn't count!"

What does she mean that doesn't count?! I'm sick! I have all the rights to go to the hospital and visit her. Oh, I remembered most of the patients here are much sicker than I am. They all feel weak or something when I talk to them. Except for that kid that didn't call me 'older sister'. They all have something wrong with them, but unlike me, their sickness is much worse.

But I really want to visit ChunHei. Oh, that's right! Doctor Jang said he will check up on me every month!

"Well, I still have my monthly check ups anyway. I'll look around for you when I go then." I said as I grinned widely.

"That's right! Stay healthy, okay? And always look both ways when you cross the street."

"Yes, I know. I know."

"That's all that I have to say, EunAe-ah." ChunHei said as she smiled at me, and patted my head. This will be the one and only time that I will allow anyone to pat me on the head. I really don't like it when someone does.

"I'll miss you!"


I only have one pair of shoes it seems, it was a pair of black sneakers, it had a blue star on the side and it had white laces on it. It was pretty beaten up. I must have liked using this, or maybe it's the only pair I own. Either way I put it on.

I'm having a hard time remembering how to tie laces. I know it should go like---

There was a knock on the door, I slowly stood up and walked to the door (I was careful enough not to trip on my untied laces. ChunHei taught me yesterday how to tie these on. I clearly remember how, but I just can't seem to do it. I wonder why) and opened it.

"Mister Choi SeungHyun!" I greeted him with a smile. I wonder how did I recognize him, maybe it was his height? Maybe it was that weird aura that he had?

"Are you ready to go?" He said as he lowered his sunglasses a bit. He always had sunglasses on.

"Um, about that. I am but these laces..." I said as I looked down.

"You can't tie them? Aren't you old enough to do it by yourself?" He said as he chuckled.

That's over the line mister! I can accept any insult you throw at me but when you cross the age thing ooh, your dead!

"I would have tied them if I could." I said angrily as I crossed my arms and looked at him with an angry glare.

"I'll tie them for you so we could leave, okay?" He said as he adjusted his pants.

Huh? What is he trying to do? I can do this by myself you know! I'm smart enough to do this!

"I can do it by my---!!"

Too late, he already bent down and started tying my laces. I feel so stupid. I'm Twenty (or so ChunHei says) years old but I can't even tie my own laces. I feel like I should have just died when I was hit by Mister Choi SeungHyun's car.

I can't help but feel extra special though. Someone as good looking as him, tying my shoes. I feel like Cinderella, except I'm wearing sneakers and my sneakers never fell off. How lucky this prince is, he just had to go to one place and he already found me.

"There done. Let's go." He said as he stood up, he sounded kind of in a hurry. I wonder why?

"...Thanks I guess. I could have done it by myself! I'm not a kid!" I said as I grabbed my bags from inside the room and quickly ran to him.

We were walking inside this really creepy place with a lot of cars. There's a really big 'P A R K I N G' written on the walls. P..parking? What does that mean? King of the parks? But I see no trees here! Nothing but cars and weird lines on the floors. Mister Choi SeungHyun was dragging my trolley bag for me and I was carrying this sling-on bag. We stopped in front of a blue car.

...Which looked kind of familiar. I think I saw this car in one of my dreams?

I felt my head hurt real bad, as if something had stabbed me in the head. Everything was spinning. I felt myself drop to the ground.

"What the hell is wrong with my life why did I just bring fif--"

I saw a car approaching, but it shouldn't be stopping by now? I turned my head at the pedestrian's stop light-thing and I saw it was red.

The light came closer.

I saw something blue, and then everything just became black.

I felt my body shaking.

The pain was still there but it wasn't as painful as the pain earlier. What was that dream about? Was it about how I got into an accident?

I looked around but everything was dark. I can hear someone...

"Ae! ...up! Wake...you...Wake up! Miss EunAe!"

Ah, it was Mister Choi SeungHyun, why is he telling me to wake up? I'm wide awake, I just can't see anything clearly, at last I can see something but it's all blurred, I tried to stand up but my body wouldn't move. Why is this happening?

"Hnngh.." Was all I managed to say, I'm actually trying to say 'stop shaking me. I can hear you quite clearly.' Will this always happen if I remember something? Will I always feel groggy?

"Ah, Thank God you're awake. Are you okay?" I turned to the voice's direction and I can finally see him clearly. His face was so close to mine I had to back away a bit, but I fell to the ground. He helped me sit up.

"Unnh, y-yeah I'm o-okay. It's just that my head hurts a bit." I said as I put my hand on my forehead.

"Are you sure you're fine? You suddenly fainted."

"What? Really? I think I just remembered something."

"Tell me about it when we get home, okay?" He said as he helped me stand up. He opened the car's door for me.

"S-sure." I said as I got inside the car.

While we were driving, the pain was starting to go away. Maybe it was because I was too distracted by the things that were outside the hospital. I never been outside the hospital, I was always in there. The only time I saw different things was when I went down to the place where people in wheel-chairs were being strolled around. They called it a park. I don't know why they called it a park, in the TV parks had all these rides and that really big circle that makes you closer to the sky.

"Are you feeling better now?" Mister Choi SeungHyun said.

"Y-yeah! Seeing these different things made me feel better. Th-thanks again Mister Choi Seung Hyun."

"Don't be so formal, you can call me SeungHyun."

"Okay Mister SeungHyun."

"No, just SeungHyun."

"Okay Mister Just SeungHyun."

He lauged at me. What? He told me to call him Just SeungHyun and now he laughs at me? He's laughing at his own name? What is wrong with him?!

"What?! But you said call you that way."

"Just call me whatever you feel comfortable with."

"Make up your mind already! I'm calling you Mister Choi SeungHyun again." You don't have any choice Mister. It's better to be polite than to be reprimanded about my manners again, not that ChunHei is here to tell me stuff about being polite any more...

"Don't you get tired of saying that? You could just call me SeungHyun or SeungHyun oppa.[2]"

"I don't--Wait? Oppa? You're older than me? Really?"

First, he tells me to call him weird names now he makes me think he's older than me?! What did I--

"I'm Twenty-three."


"You doubted me didn't you."


"We're here." He said as he opened the door to his house.
But isn't there no point of announcing that you're here if you live alone? Maybe he lives with his family? Or there's a ghost in this house. I instinctively left my shoes on the mat that said 'Welcome'. I don't know what drove me to do it, but I did just leave them there.

"What are you doing?" Mister Choi SeungHyun said. I raised my head and looked at him, he seemed quite shocked with what I did.

"Leaving my shoes."

"What for? Take them in."

"Something tells me I shouldn't." I said frankly. There's just this something in me that tells me to take my shoes off when I enter someone's house.

"No, leave them inside."

"...Okay." I grabbed my shoes and put them right beside the wall. There was this shelf-thing that had shoes inside of it but, all of the holes already had shoes in it so I just left mine beside the wall.

"You have a lot of shoes Mister Choi SeungHyun." I said as I stared at the shoes inside the shelf. There were various pairs of shoes, all in various colors. There were even some that looked exactly the same but came in different sizes.

"No, not all of those are mine." He said as he handed me a pair of panda-shaped slippers. Why does he have this? It looks cute~ maybe he bought it because of me?

"What? You mean someone else lives here? But you said this was your house." I put the slippers on. They felt fuzzy, they kind of tickled my feet.

"I'm sharing this house with four other people. Five, now."

"What?! B-but those other people don't know me. T-they might not like me or anything."

"I've already told them about you."

[1] Pantsu - Japanese for Panties.
[2] Oppa- Korean for Older Brother. I wanted something like Hyung-nim but when I wiki'ed it it was just oppa.
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