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One Shot: Blue Rain

Blue Rain


Summary: Who would forget Kwon JiYong’s birthday? Everyone knows his birthday! Nobody forgets his birthday. Especially him. But what happened? Did he forget?! GDTOP. [Yama nashi Ochi nashi Imi nashi]


A/N: For Lady, because she is a whore. Huge thanks to Yamira for doing the parts I can’t do (and proof reading)




Also, dedicated to our otp; don’t get me wrong I love OT5 but sometimes I segment them lolol


Also, this is my first time writing Yaoi, so I did not do those parts (yes, Yamira did it. She’s awesome okay?)




Bzzt. Bzzt.


The sound of the annoying phone vibrating woke Jiyong up. Who in their right mind would want to wake him up at this time? Granted, it was just Eight in the morning but Kwon Jiyong rarely gets any sleep. He does too much Singing, Writing, Composing, Dancing name it, and he does it.


He reached for his annoying phone over at his desk.



Happy birthday hyung! Sorry I can’t be with you today. I have to study for a test today >_<  –SeungRi P.S I got you a present already haha”


“What the hell SeungRi…” Jiyong mumbled as he put back the phone on the table and rolled on his bed. He wanted more sleep, and he’s getting more---


Bzzt. Bzzt.


Hyung! Happy Birthday~ you’re a year older now~~! Too bad I can’t be with you today due to the Family’s shooting schedule >_<;; Everyone from the Family wishes you a happy birthday! Enjoy your day hyung! –Daesung”


That’s sweet of you Daesung but all Jiyong wanted was more sl—


“Jiyong ah~~ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day with SeungHyun hyung. Everyone seems to be away today. Yes, even me. I have to go and visit someone today. Don’t worry I’ll get you a present haha. –YoungBae”


‘All day with him? Wow, that’s a nice present.’ Jiyong thought. He finally sat up from his bed and fixed himself a bit. He was ready to enjoy this day with the man he loves.


Well, he loves the other four too but not the way he loved Choi SeungHyun.


He opened his door and made his way to the kitchen. Without changing clothes. Yes, Mister Fashionista of the year did not even bother to change out of his pajamas. But who cares, right? It’s his birthday; he can do whatever he wants.


He saw his hyung, dressed as if he was about to leave, eating cereals. This piqued his interest aside from the fact that the love of his life, sitting there looking fine, why is he dressed like that? Didn’t YoungBae said enjoy your day with Hyung?


“Morning, Ji. You’re up early today aren’t ya?”  The older man said as he looked at Jiyong with a smile.


“Y-yeah. You going somewhere Hyung?” Jiyong asked out of curiosity.


“Yeah, gonna go and visit my Hyungs from the club I used to rap at. I’m gonna be back early though.” SeungHyun said as he lifted his now empty bowl and placed it on the sink.


“See ‘ya.” He said as he walked pass Jiyong.


‘Wh-what’s this?! He’s leaving already?! H-he didn’t even greet me?! But he always does, like last year! He was the first one to greet me! Why…did he forget?!’


Instinctively, Jiyong grabbed SeungHyun’s wrist.


“Hyung, don’t you know what day it is today?”


“Thursday? Look, Ji. I’m running late if you want to know what day it is today check the calendar.”


“You really don’t know what date is it today?” Jiyong said, getting a bit impatient.


“Oh. Tomorrow’s the group anniversary right? Thanks man, gonna get something special ready.”


Jiyong let his wrist go out of shock. He could not believe he had forgotten that it was his birthday today. What on earth possessed Choi SeungHyun to forget Jiyong’s birthday?




Kwon Jiyong, one of South Korea’s best rappers, is sitting alone, drinking in an empty apartment. Where is that sentence correct?


He has a lot of friends, why can’t he just call them?


Because he wanted to be alone together with him on his birthday.


But what does he do, he forgets that it is his birthday.


At first he thought that maybe he’s just playin’ with him and he’s going to go home suddenly and surprise him together with the other four.


The clock read 0:00 and none of them are home.

No one, not even YoungBae; it’s as if the rest of Big Bang had just disappeared.


“I’m ho—Jiyong? What are you doing?”  SeungHyun said as he tried to grab the bottle away from Jiyong.


But Jiyong was too quick for him, Jiyong quickly moved his hand away so that SeungHyun won’t be able to get it.


“Celebrating my birthday…oh it’s already the 19th. Not my birthday anymore.” Jiyong said as he drank from the bottle.


“You think I have forgotten don’t you?” SeungHyun said, he was going to sit near Jiyong but he suddenly stood up.




Jiyong felt SeungHyun’s warm lips against his. SeungHyun didn’t mind the taste of alcohol as he slipped his tongue into Jiyong’s mouth. Jiyong quickly pushed SeungHyun away before he could do anything else.


“You think I’d be happy if you do that NOW?!”


“So, you liked it.” SeungHyun said with a smirk.




“Then what is the point JiYong?” SeungHyun said as he walked towards Jiyong, Jiyong stepped back a little which caused him to trip over a bottle and land at the couch.


SeungHyun, seeing that his prey has been cornered quickly positions himself on top of Jiyong.


“H-Hyung what’s that you’re holding.” JiYong, drunk and desperate to get away from this position points out what was his hyung holding.


He was holding a white box with a  green ribbon on top of it.


“It’s you’re cake. We were planning to surprise you tomorrow…but I already said it so just pretend you don’t know when we actually do it tomorrow…” SeungHyun said as he dropped the box on the floor and leaned closer to Jiyong.


Jiyong isn’t giving up this easily. He didn’t like what his hyung did. Not. One. Bit. So he had avoided his kiss.


“You want to play that way don’t you Yongie?” SeungHyun said with a smirk on his lips.


He bit Jiyong’s right ear.



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