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Yet to be Titled: Chapter 2
Chapter 2

A/N: I should be reading Crime and Punishment but oh well. I'm a lazy bitch :D

Please excuse this chapter for being exessively long. People with amnesia are hard to deal with.

And oh, she was asleep for 3 days and she has been awake for roughly a week (this chapter is set on the 6th day she was awake. Night time.) (Events that had taken place with in this time frame would be explained...hopefully if not I'll dedicate a special chapter 1.5 for it<3)

Thinking fast is also awesome. I wonder how can someone think long paragraphs with in seconds?

EunAe's POV

I was too busy talking to ChunHei to notice someone had opened the door. I was shocked to see someone else inside my room. The first thing I noticed was that this intruder--I mean person is really tall (aside from the fact that he is a man). This man was taller than anyone that I knew (which is just Doctor Jang and ChunHei well excluding the people on that box called television since I never saw them outside outside of that box). First, I thought that ChunHei is already the tallest person that I knew (since she was taller than me, and I was taller than Docot Jang) but this person who just entered my room proved me wrong.

This guy was wearing something really..um, how do they call it again? I know I heard this a billion times on the box...oh, that! He was wearing something cool! Well not cold-cool but something really awesome-cool! He was wearing a long brown coat over something that had blue and red tongues sticking out!I never saw anyone else wear these kinds of stuff, he was actually wearing that tongue-thing over a white shirt that had a...um what do you call those things that stick out..co..co..color? Um, no not that ah! A Collar! Yeah, a white collared shirt~ man I'm good. He also is wearing awsome pants, it had so much color in it! It's like someone poured 7 buckets of paint over it~ so cool!

But who is he? What is he doing here? I decided to ask ChunHei, who he was.

“ChunHei, do you know who that man behind you is?”

I stared at him some more (because he's really cool) he had ...sunglasses? But why? Isn't it night time? Why does he wear them at night? Is he blinded by the--

“Um, this person was the one who brought you to the hospital.” Huh? How did ChunHei end up standing there? Aaah, I'm staring too long at this person! Why is he so cool?--

Huh?! He was the one who brought me to the hospital?! That means this real awesome guy is the reason why I lost all of my memories! What the, so much for being my new idol, mister memory-killer!

“Oh. So you mean he was the one that made me lose all of my memories?” I said as I looked at him with an angry look, I just lost all of my admiration for this guy.

“I-I'm sorry. It was all my fau—You lost all of your memories?”  The man said as he took of his sunglasses. He had dark brown eyes that seemed to pierce my soul, which is kind of scary--Okay, I think I should stop glaring at this person, I would totally lose. His eyes are enchanting too, I feel like I'd be lost in them if I stare too long...SO THAT'S WHY HE WEARS SUN GLASSES!

"Y-you're Big Ba--!!" ChunHei suddenly shouted (augh why do I keep on staring at this guy so long) that guy placed his hand which had a real shiny ring on it over ChunHei's mouth.

"Shh, please don't reveal that I am here. It would cause a ruckus." The man said as he took of his hand off ChunHei's mouth.

"What's so wrong about you being here? And yes, I did lose all of my memories no thanks to you Mister Memory-killer." I said as I crossed my arms. I know I'm never going to win a glaring battle.

"You mean, you don't know me?" He said as his eyes widened a bit.

"How would I?! I just said I lost all of my memories, no thanks to you mister memory-killer!"

"EunAe-ah! That's not polite."

"I have all the right to be angry, You wouldn't like to know the feeling of not knowing anything, y'know. I can't even read!"

I saw Mister Memory Killer bow his head. He looked kind of pitiful. I kind of feel sorry for this guy. Maybe I should stop pushing the fact that he made me lose of all my memories. It does sound kind of mean after all.

"I-I'm sorry it's all my fault." Well, there's nothing we can do about it now, is there? Maybe this guy knows who I am. Maybe he could tell me more about myself. After all, he did make me loose all of my memories. Maybe it's like that one show I watched on the TV where in the purposely made someone loose their memories through a car accident.

"Yes it is. Do you know who am I?" I asked, hoping to find an aswer.

Mister Memory Killer raised his head in surprise. He looked as if he didn't expect me to ask that question.

"Excuse me?"

I laughed a little. Whoops, I realized I said it with the wrong tone. I sounded like one of those mean people on TV. I shouldn't said it like that.

"Um, do you happen to know who am I? I guess this is how should I have said it. Please fo--NO! I shouldn't be apologizing for anything!" I puffed my cheeks and looked away from him. I glanced at him and he looks like as if he wants to laugh at me. Augh, I should have known this technique only works on TV. I feel like a fool for doing this.

Note to self: Never do it again. Unless I'll get more TV time for it.

"No, I don't know you." He said

What? Is he serious?! Well, he looks serious and sounds serious but maybe he was born that way but that isn't the point right now. He doesn't really know me? B-but why? Doesn't anybody know me...?

"...I guess I'll never find out who am I." I laughed nervosly--no. I was just laughing to hide my sadness. I guess nobody would ever know who 'Lee EunAe' is, nobody would know that she is currently here in this hospital, nobody would ever pick her up.

"B-but you alredy know your name EunAe-ah." ChunHei said, trying to cheer me up. I smiled bitterly at her. I then looked down, thinking deeply of what I should do next. After all nobody would take me out of here. I would be forever stuck at the hospital. Maybe I should force myself to remember all of the things I have forgotten. Maybe I should ram my head up a wall, after all I did lose all of my memories that way maybe if I did it again it would bring it all back! Yes that's it that's the sol---

Mister Memory Killer suddenly taps my shoulder, I was surprised so I jumped a little. He looked at me in the eyes, man he had such sca...hm? His eyes isn't that scary looking...He looks kind of um...how should I say it? He looks at me kindly, no that isn't it. He's looking at me as if he's concerned about me. Yes, that's it. I never imagined that the same scary looking eyes could look so kind.

I smiled smally.

"It's okay, I don't really blame you. It's not your fault that my brain suddenly wanted to erase all of its memories. I'm not trying to make you feel bad about what you did, I'm just really stating what I'm thinking. Really."

"I'll be responsible for what I did." (A/N: Putang ina di mo naman siya binuntis)

"...What?" I clearly didn't understand what he meant.

"I'm going to take you in."

I fumed my eyebrows. I didn't understand what he meant, well I do understand that he's going to take me in, but where?

"Take me in a what?"

He laughed. I can't believe it. I'm asking seriously here and he's just there laughing at me?! What the hell! His laugh does sound kind of creepy, kind of an evil guy's laugh but not really, it just sounds that way but it isn't that creepy. Maybe it's because of his deep voice?

Oh, Maybe he's going to take me into one of those places that had no people in it. Then call my family to ask for money! But he said he doesn't know me...? Maybe he's one of those persons that will call the police and ask them to do something wrong?!

"What's so funny? Where are you going to take me? Are you planning to take me into a super secret place and ask people for money?"

He laughed some more, it's kind of getting irritating.

"EunAe-ah, you watch too much TV. You should go out more." ChunHei said as she shook her head a little.

"And what, break arms and get my TV time taken away? No."

"I'm going to let you stay at my house Miss EunAe. What do you mean by 'break arms'?" He said as he sat down at the chair near my bed.

What? Really?! Well, isn't that nice of him! I should stop calling him Mister Memory Killer.

"It's nothing mister choi--"ChunHei quickly blurted. But I quickly shouted.

"NO IT'S NOT CHUNHEI.I broke a guy's arm because he didn't call me noona. He said it was because I was shorter than him and all noona's are taller than him. I don't know what made me angry but I really did break his arm. The doctor told me he's going to have to stay for two more weeks because of what I did."

This was serious business. I don't like it when somebody younger doesn't call me 'older sister'. I don't know why, but it just makes me real angry.

"They took away my TV time and told me to just stay here for a while. It was very boring. All I could do was look at the birds and try to read." I said proudly as I nodded my head. Although being locked in is nothing to be proud about.

Maybe I should tell him that because I'd be living with him anyway. But wait is he older than me?

"You never learned how to read because you were too busy paying attention to those birds weren't you?!"

I looked quickly away. ChunHei looks really mad at me for not paying attention to her while she was teaching me all those letters. The birds were much more interesting than those weird circles and lines anyway.

"She really can't read, can't she?"

"No, but she knows how to count and tell the time. Since all she did was memorize the numbers. She has photographic memory, so memorizing stuff is easy for her, but she can't read anything that has Hangul."

I quickly thought of changing the topic. I don't like it when ChunHei tells people I can't read. I looked at Mister...Choi? was it? Well, whatever his name was.

"Hey um. Mister, what's your name?" I asked with a smile on my face. I never did ask for his name, nor did he tell me what his name was.

"That's right, I never intoduced myself haven't I?"

"Yes. Everytime you did someone would interrupt."

"I'm Big Bang's T.O.P, Choi SeungHyun"

"...You came from a top of a really big ~bang~? Mister Choi SeungHyun?"

He laughs. Why does he always do that when I'm asking a question. I noticed that ChunHei was sort of surprised after I asked that question. What? Is she going to laugh at me too? She did sometimes laugh at some of my questions...

"No no Miss EunAe, Big Bang is the name of our group. I'm one of the rappers. We appear on TV quite often."

"You...rap? What's that?"

Wow, someone that appears on TV. I never saw him on TV. Maybe it's because I never really looked at the other shows that had groups of people doing stuff like it. Maybe he appears on the same time as the cooking shows I watch...

"Rap...how should I explain it...I'll just show you a part of our song that has rap, is that okay?"

"Wow~ you sing songs? That's cool!"

He stood up, put on his sunglasse, and then he started saying words real fast, and then he suddenly takes it off and continues to say words real fast. It was...awesome! I wonder how can he say those words real fast. I sometimes bite my toungue if I say words really fast. It's awesome! I wish could do the same. This rapping thing really seemed familliar, and that song that he rapped too, it was familliar.

I clapped my hands, ChunHei clapped her hands too, she was really really really happy that Mister Choi SeungHyun rapped. She even sang along a little.

"Thank you." He bowed his head, he thanked us for clapping at him? I think. He sat back down at the chair beside my bed.

"...I never knew you could understand English EunAe-ah." ChunHei said.

"Huh? English? What's that?"

"Our name, Big Bang is in English. I was actually quite surprised too." Mister Choi SeungHyun said as he put his sunglasses away in his pocket.

"It's a Language. Kind of like what was on the comics that you borrowed from HyunJoong-ah." ChunHei said as she smiled at me.

HyunJoong? Who was that? I don't remember any...oh! That book with pictures that had the weird things that I could understand! How as it called again...HyunJoong-ah called it...kanji! Yes that. He even said I was very good with it. Hm, that kid...I wonder where he is now.

"Oh! Right, that one with the um...whatever those were, it looked real weird."

"Japanese Characters, yes." ChunHei said, nodding.

"You could understand both English and Japanese?"

"Um, I guess."


Today, it's really boring. All the shows I watch are all done, there aren't any birds to see. It's hot outside since it's around noon time. I could have gone to see HyunJoong-ah but the nurses said he already left the hospital and ChunHei isn't here they say it's her rest day.

I sit here on my bed doing absolutely nothing. I'm just playing with my really long hair that reaches up to my waist. I really hate it, specially on days like these, when it's really hot. My hair feels like it's holding all the heat. I wish I could cut my hair but nobody wants to do it. I really like that hair style I saw on TV, her hair seemed like a guy---

There was a knock on the door. I wonder who could it be. It isn't lunch time or anything. Maybe it's Doctor Jang. He's going to check up on me again? I walked to the door (this is actually my first time opening the door by myself. It was always ChunHei who opens the door.) tried to pull it, no. It didn't work. Push it, no still didn't work. Aha! I should slide it.
It's Mister Choi SeungHyun! Why is he here? ChunHei told me he isn't here to bring me to his house until next week. I guess next week meant the time when the next episode of that drama that I'm watching appears. But that isn't till five days from now...

"Hello. What a surprise. I guess. Are you going to um, take me away now? But you said next week..."

He's wearing something different again, He's really the only one that I know that wears something like he's going to some really important thing. He was wearing a brown long coat over a checkered shirt with a collar he had really big rings on his finger too. Those things always have amused me.

Compared to what he's wearing mine looks like--I can't even compare.I'm just wearing the same 'ol thing I wear everyday. The hospital's patient clothes. That looks like a robe. Maybe I should open that bag that had my clothes on. But ChunHei said it would be better for me to just wear this instead. Hmm...

I saw that he was carrying something, a basket of fruits? He placed them on the only table in my room, on the right side of my bed.

"No, not yet. I just came to see you." He said with a smile.

I stared at his face, he's really good looking...Wait. I think I saw him before, on TV! Yes! He did say he appears on TV...but I saw him even before that! He really looks familliar...

"You really look familiar. I really think I saw you before." I said as I put my hand under my chin, like a detective when he thinks!

"You did."

"No, I meant before you um, visited me before. You know?"


"On the TV! YES! I REMEMBER! I saw you...um. TV, before I slept after I watched that drama with a rabbit and a pig."

"You saw me on TV? Really now?" He grinned. It looked sort of...evil, kind of when you're plotting something evil or thinking of an evil prank to pull on someone but that's just the same.

"Yes, you were like I don't know. Putting people to sleep with a silver stick with a hole in the middle."

"You mean a gun?"

"Whatever that is. Like, I'd know. ChunHei said I shouldn't watch it since it isn't for kids. I ended up watching it anyway because she had to leave my room." I smiled widely.

I could always do the stuff I wanted when ChunHei wasn't around, but it's kind of sad and boring if she's not here. Nobody talks to me. I'm just forced to stare at birds when my shows aren't on.

He then carried the left side of my bed and transferred it to the right side, so he could sit near the table. I never saw anyone carry it before, I tried doing it once but the chair was too heavy for me. He grabbed an apple from the basket of fruits that he brought and showed it to me, as if he wants me to eat it.

I then remembered that book that I read once, it was in...English? It had a story of a beautiful girl named Snow White. She died because of an apple. I grabbed the apple and looked at it real hard.

"Will this kill me like what happened to Snow White?"I said as I raised my head and looked at him.

"I'll become your prince and make you wake up if you do." He laughed. He always does, maybe I should stop asking him questions.

But he can't become the prince! He isn't my true love, he can't wake me up if I eat the apple! Which means he's the evil mother who's trying to poison me...if I was Snow White. But apparently, I'm not.

"But you're the evil mother-person. You poisoned me!"

"I'm a guy."

"But still!"

"If you're not going to eat it" He grabs the apple from my hands, what the?! But that's mine!

"Then I'm goi--"

I quickly grabbed the apple from his hands and bit into it. It didn't poison me, hurray!

"See? You weren't poisoned ~Snow White~" He said as he smiled.

Apples taste really weird, I don't like how they taste (Why did I even eat this apple?). I prefer the melons that ChunHei brought me once. They tasted better. Apples aren't the only ones I don't like, I also don't like coffee. It's bitter.

"...I don't like the taste of apples after all. Here you can have it." I gave him the apple that had a huge bite on it. He seems to like apples, I should just give him away.

"I don't want it anymore." He said with a weird look...disgust? The look people give when they taste something really bad. That look. I had that look on when I tasted coffee for the first time so I know~

ChunHei always told me to finish my food, some people couldn't even eat anything she said. I should always make sure I finish everything or else she will take away my TV time, but they always gave me too much to eat. So I always end up not finishing everything, I just give them to someone else (like ChunHei) so they'd finish it for me.

"...Then what should we do with this? They told me to always finish my food. I never do anyway since they give me too much"

"Feed it to the birds." He said while motioning that I should just throw it out of the window.

"That's true~" I said with a really big grin. I was lifting my hand over my head, all ready to throw the bitten apple out of the window. Suddenly, he grabbed my arm and shook his head.

"I was joking."

"What do we do with this apple then? But It really does seem that the birds will eat it." I said as I put down my arm. He grabbed the apple and ate it.

What? But I thought he didn't like it. Maybe he felt sorry for the people that didn't eat, or he really really liked apples.

"...I never knew you liked apples so much." I said as I grinned widely.


The time read: 17:01. It's already this late? Mister Choi SeungHyun was here ever since 14:00. Maybe he has nothing to do? After he ate the apple we talked for a bit and he went to the comfortable chair (it was how I call it, it had arm rests and a thing for your back. It was soft too, unlike the chair beside my bed.) and read some newspapers. After a while I saw him slumped, but he wasn't turning the pages anymore, infact it even fell down on the floor. He fell asleep while reading.

I have nothing better to do so I went over to Mister Choi SeungHyun and poked his cheek. It was really soft and squishy. I giggled after I poked it. He looked really cute while sleeping. He moved a little, I guess he's starting to wake up. I quickly ran to my bed and switched on the TV, so he wouldn't know I poked his cheek while he was sleeping, who knows what he'd to to me. He seemed like the type of person who would be scary if he gets angry.

"Is this what you do all day? Watch TV?" He said as he stood up from the chair; he was rubbed his eye as he walked towards me. (A/N: Redundancy, please forgive it)

"Yup. This is what I do all day, since they don't want to make me go out since I might hurt someone again." I said as changed the channel.

"You're just saying that so you could watch TV." He said mockingly.

"Yeah, I guess. Haha, I don't really know what I'd do when I'll go out anyway." I shrugged.

"Why don't you go and talk to the other patients?" He asked as he sat down on the chair. (That was now on the right side of my bed. If I'm not mistaken they called it a stool. But isn't stool the one...)

"I don't feel like it. Well, they ignore me most of the time, and someone once said I asked too much questions. I couldn't help it if I didn't know what he was talking about."

I glanced at him, he had that look again. That really really sad look. Is he blaming himself again? He should stop doing it, I already told him once that it wasn't, and besides he's already taking me in. What's making him feel bad?

"What's with that look? Don't be sad. I told you, I don't really blame you." I looked at him, this was the only time that someone had taken away my attention from the TV. He should feel glad that I actually did.

"You don't need to say that, it's entirely my fault. I should have--" Augh! Stop blam--

A familiar tune starts to play on the TV, turning my head I saw that the cooking show that I've always liked was on.



SeungHyun sighs. He couldn't believe that this person in front of her was already in her twenties. A smile forms in his lips as he watched the 'little girl' in front of him.

A familliar tune rings.

SeungHyun flips open his phone.

"Hello? Yeah, I'm visiting her. Yeah. Yeah. Next week. What? No. See 'ya."

SeungHyun stood up, put on the sunglasses that was hidden on the front pocket of his coat and proceeds to leave the room.

"Hm? What was that? Did you just talk with someone? But there isn't..." EunAe suddenly blurted out. She was distracted by SeungHyun who blocked her view.

"It wasn't a ghost Miss EunAe. It was a phonecall."


"I have to go now."

"What? Oh um, okay. Thank you for the food, next time I should make food for you."

"You'll finally use what you have learned from that cooking show, yeah?"

"Yes! I just don't have a stove here though..."

"You can cook in my house."


"Yeah, just don't burn the house down. I have to leave now, good bye."

SeungHyun went over to her side and pats her head as a goodbye gesture but EunAe quickly shoves his hand away, she didn't like it. She felt like she was being belittled again. She puffed her cheeks, attempting to look cute (again). SeungHyun just laughed at her. He waved at her one last time as he headed out the door.

The TV was still displaying instructions on how to cook Lasagna.

EunAe was still looking at the door.

She wanted him to come back already.

A/N: Yay. Pretty long chapter right? 10 pages font size 10, courier. Whohoo, longest chapter up to date~!
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