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Chapter 4  
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Italics are English words~
EunAe's POV
"I've already told them about you." Mister Choi Seung Hyun said with a smile.
"R-r-r-r-really?! W-what did they say?!" I felt my heart beating really fast, is this what they call love? But isn't love supposed to make you feel really happy?
"Don't be so nervous, Miss EunAe. They're actually quite excited to meet you."
Oh, so I wasn't in love; that was close. Being in love really scares me; so many things happen if you're in love...
"O-oh. Really? You're just saying that to make me feel better, you don't need to call me ~Miss~ EunAe. Afterall I'm...like what do they call it? F...is it freeloading?"
And it also sounds awkward if he says it. I really don't feel right to be called like that.
"No, you're not ~freeloading~. It was my fault why you lost your memories in the first place. Miss EunAe."
He should really stop blaming himself, but it does make me feel better that I'm not freeloading. Though I do feel like I am. I really hate those freeloaders that I watched in a show once, I want to help out! Maybe I should ask him how I could I help him or something.
"O-okay, but don't call me Miss EunAe anymore! I don't really like being called like that. It sounds too um...it makes me feel uncomfortable!"  
"I'll just call you EunAe then, is that fine?" He seemed quite hesitant at first before he said this. Maybe he was trying to make me call him SeungHyun? No! I'll never call him that. It sounds too disrespectful, and besides he's too awesome to not have a ~mister~ before his name.
"Yes!" I said with a huge smile.
And so, SeungHyun gave EunAe a tour of the house, well it wasn't a house it was their dormitory. Every time SeungHyun would open a door of another member's room EunAe would be amazed by the contents of the room. She would say how big the room is and how cool are the stuff inside the room are.
Her favorite was of course the living room, it had a really big plasma TV, that was all she needed. A big TV, the TV where she could watch the episodes of her drama, watch her cooking shows and occasionally to view stuff on Discovery Channel.  
But even before he gave her a tour, he first directed EunAe to her room. Well their rooms.
"And this is your room." SeungHyun said as he opened the door to HIS room.
"This isn't my room." EunAe said as a matter of fact-ly.
"This is where you'd stay now-room." He struggled to find the right words to tell her, why? I'll never know. I'm just the narrator here.
"Ohh, I see. But it has your name on the door."
"Well, this is your room now. I'll sleep in the living room."
"WHAT?! BUT THAT'S WHERE THE TV IS. NO I'LL SLEEP THERE INSTEAD!" Of course she doesn't want SeungHyun to get all the TV time all to himself, why would she stay here if she knew she could watch TV all day and all night.
"N-no, you need a proper room, just use my room." A girl after all, needs her privacy. He understands the very meaning of that word very well. (We all know how he is. WE ALL KNOWWW)
"I don't want to. You can use it, it's yours!"
"But you'll be staying in it."
"Can't we just share?" The brightest idea she had thought of so far. She feels very proud that she had thought of this. She thanks ChunHei for teaching her the value of sharing. This way none of them will get more TV time. Nice one, EunAe.
"What? No, we can't a man and a woman can't share a room." He really has privacy issues.
"What's wrong about it?"
"...Just no." He then realizes that this woman has no shame, it had been deleted by the magic of amnesia.
"Okay, I'll just sleep in the living room---"  
"Fine, fine. As long as you'd stay in this room okay?"
EunAe's POV
I finally step inside OUR room (since we share it). This room is really spacey, even if it appears it is not because of all the shelves on the side that had all these super cute toys (well not all of them were cute, some of them were creepy but I can't tell Mister Choi SeungHyun that I find his toys creepy can I?). There was also a TV in his room, it had an apple as the power button. But it's kind of weird since a lot of things were attatched to it...
There was only one window in this room and there was a door that leads to the veranda.
Mister Choi SeungHyun laid my bag on the ground and got something out of the cabinet (well there were quite a few cabinets, I say around three) it was a white...bed for the floor? He laid it down and said that would be his bed, and I get the nice bed over at the corner (that had fancy bed sheets on them.)
"No! I'll stay at the ground. I've always wanted to sleep on the floor."
He laughed.
"What?! That's not something to laugh at."
"It is. Do you really want to sleep on the floor? Are you sure you don't want the bed?"
"Yes. And I feel like I've always slept on the floor anyway." Since the bed was rock hard. I really disliked the bed I've slept on, but I guess I had gotten used to it.
"Ah, the Japanese way of sleeping. Futons?" Fu..what?
"I..don't remember."
"So, I put all of my things in this box right?" I said as I sat down near the box.
"Yes, temporarily until I've bought you your own cabinet."
"W-what? You're going to buy me a cabinet? What for? All my things fit in this box anyway."
"Huh? What do you mean they all fit in that small box?"
"Yeah. I just have 3 large shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. And this box. Oh, and a picture frame and two books with lots of drawings in them...aaand the bags I'm holding right now."
"Are you sure those are the only things you brought with you? You might have forgotten some things in the hospital, y'know."
"No, I'm sure these are the only things I have. I even asked ChunHei to buy clothes for me but the money I gave her wasn't enough."
"Really? How much did you give her?"
"Five pieces of the one zero, zero, zero, zero."
"Fifty Thousand?"
"Oh. I guess so."
"Was that all the money you had?"
"Nope, there are some more left in my...um money-placer thing. ChunHei didn't get it because she said they don't accept those types of money here or something like that. I didn't really understand what she was trying to tell me."
"Can I see?"
"Sure." I opened the smaller bag (the one with no wheels) that I saw various items such as a small book with a weird logo in the middle, a brown embe...um whatsit? Envelope. Yes that. And I finally see the one that I am looking for, the thing where I put my money.
It was a pretty long and it had a bunny in the lower right corner. It was also shiny and black. I really found it cute. I handed it to Mister Choi SeungHyun, he grabbed it from my hand and proceeded to examine it.
"You might have personal information written here inside your wallet. Have you checked?"  
So they call that a wallet. Interesting~ I have learned another thing!
"Um. I found a piece of paper that had my name on it and a bunch of numbers."
"Really?! Have you tried calling that number?"
"ChunHei did, but nothing happened. She said something about um...reaching?"
He had a disappointed look on his face. He gave me back my wallet. I placed it back in my bag, while putting it back I have noticed this really shiny object in my bag. I took the object out.
It's that device! A f...p...whatever it's called. I remember we tried to use it but it never did function. ChunHei said it needed a ch...ch...something that had ch's. We even dug my bags for it but we never found that said item.
"Have you tried using that?"  
I was surprised, he was looking at this object with such interest. I wonder why.
"N-no. I don't even know what this thing is called; do you know what it is?" I said as I handed him the object.
"It's called a phone, EunAe." He said as he looked at the phone. He was pressing random buttons; I guess he's trying to make it work? He's going to talk to someone through that?
Suddenly, he had a surprised expression on his face.
"What's wrong Mister Choi SeungHyun?"
"The battery's dead. Do you have the charger?"
"N...ch...oh! That object? ChunHei and I searched for that all over but we never managed to find one. That's the one that's supposed to make the phone work right?"
"Supposedly." He was quite annoyed.
Ahh, maybe I'm asking too much questions. I'm starting to feel bad, ChunHei doesn't seem to mind if I asked too much questions. Maybe it's just because he's not used to me asking too much stuff? Or maybe it's because the phone isn't working? Why am I even getting worked up over this? He's the one that made me like this, I should be the one who's angry! Ahh, this is so confusing!
"Maybe we could buy a charger for this phone."
"R-really? That's great!  B-but then again I don't have any more money ... well I still do have that one one zero, zero,zero,zero"
"But it's Japanese money, you can't use it to buy anything here."
"Really? So that's why ChunHei said I couldn't use it ..."
"Yes. You could only use Korean money here."
"But what makes the difference?"
"Hey, Mister Choi SeungHyun what's that thing over there?"  I said as I pointed to that thing with an apple.
"Oh, it's a computer."
"You mean it isn't a TV?!"
"You thought it was a TV?"
"Well, it looks like one...only smaller."
"Well, it could function like a TV but it can do a lot more."
"Like what? Can you talk to the people in it?!" He laughed at me again. I should stop mentioning this because every time I ask a question he laughs. It's really annoying but I can't complain about it. It's better than him getting angry right? Maybe because if he got angry I'd have no place to stay anymore.
"I guess you can say that."  
"Don't get too excited, I'll turn it on first."
He walked towards the 'computer' and sat on the chair in front of it. I stood beside him. When the 'computer' turned on there were pretty colors all over the um, box. There was this bar in the middle, Mister Choi SeungHyun pressed some buttons on those square things with letters then afterwards another screen came out!  
"Woow. That's so cool~ did you change the channel when you pressed those letters?"
"Haha, no. I logged in."[3]
"Log...I'm not going to ask. It sounds so complicated."
He then explains to me a lot of stuff that was in the screen, there were these weird um...how did he call them? Icons? Well, whatever those were they did different things (there were around 10 of them?) and he also explained to me something about intraweb no wait it was internet. I really didn't understand much but that internet thing had some awesome things. Mister Choi SeungHyun even made me play in his computer!  It was a game where in I had to dress up a girl, I don't know why he has such a game but it was fun.   
I then noticed that it was time for my TV show!  This computer thing is distracting me, I hate it. Well, not really it's also awesome like the TV.
"Mister Choi SeungHyun it's time for my TV show!" I said as I stood up from the chair. He wasn't beside me anymore, he was on his bed, sleeping. He looked cute again. But I'm not going to wake him up anymore. He seems tired.  
I left the room and searched for the big TV, luckily I remembered how to go there must be because of that um, photo-whatever memory that I have. ChunHei said I was really lucky that I had that kind of thing.  
I saw that the remote was just on the glass table in front of the L-shaped couch. That's fun, I don't even have to search (and mess up stuff) for the remote anymore!  
I turned on the TV and searched for the channel that had my show since the channels in Mister Choi SeungHyun's house are different from the channels in the hospital.  
Aha! I finally found it. But the show has already started, this is annoying, I should have stopped playing that game earlier so I could---
There was a sound at the door. Someone opened it. Oh no, what if it's a robber? I have nothing to defend myself with! B-but it could also be one of Mister Choi SeungHyun's brothers, but what should I do?!  
"I'm home!"  A voice said, it sounded like a male's voice.
Oh, thankfully it's one of mister choi seunghyun's brothers. B-but what should I do? Should I go to him and greet him? Should I just stay here? Should I just watch the TV show and igno—wait that's a bad Ide---
"Oh, hello! You must be Lee EunAe!" The voice said, I turned to the direction of the voice, it was a really pretty guy (...but isn't the word pretty for females? But he really looks pretty. Is he a boy? His voice sounds like a boy...) with yellow hair. Wait is he American? Why is he speaking in Korean?
"H-hello! My name is Lee EunAe, nice to m-meet you!" I stood up and bowed to him. I hate this, I should be the first one to greet him.
"No need to be so formal." He said with a smile. He then gestured for me to sit down (again), and so I did.
"O-oh.  Th-thank you f-for having me here. I'm sorry to be such a burden." I said as I bowed my head. I can't even look at him, I feel really bad for troubling them.
"No, it's okay. Really. Don't feel so bad EunAe. Oh, my name is Kwon JiYong by the way. But just call me Jiyong Oppa."
"Wh-what? B-but I can't! That'd too imposing of me, Mister Kwon Jiyong. ...and besides I don't even know i-if I'm really younger than you." ...how did these words come out of my mouth? I don't even know what imposing...oh wait I do but! My memories must be coming back! Yes!  
"Eeh, if you don't call me Jiyong Oppa I wouldn't let you live here anymore."
"JIYONG OPPA!" I shouted. W-what's wrong with me, I s-shouldn't be—
He started laughing at me. Does everybody really love to laugh at me? Am I really that funny?
"You're cute, EunAe-ah." He said as he ruffled my hair, I accidentally shoved his hand away. It's out of instinct I guess.
"I-I'm sorry, I just really don't like it if someone messes up my hair. I really don't know why. It's like it's automatic for me to shove the hands away. I'm sorry Jiyong oppa." I said as I bowed my head.
"It's okay, don't worry too much about it." He said with a smile. He's really nice, and his smile is so bright too! It's refreshing to see him smile.  
"Have you seen Hyung?"
"Oh, I meant SeungHyun-hyung."
"He's sleeping. He seems tired so I didn't wake him up anymore."
He was quite surprised.
"Huh? Where's he sleeping?"
"In our room."
"Yes, we share um, his room."
"I-is there something wrong?"  
"Y-you shouldn't be sharing a room with another man, EunAe-ah. Aren't you afraid?"
"Of what? Why shouldn't I share a room with a man? All the people in the hospital do."
"...You're really just fine sharing it with Hyung?" He said, he sounded quite worried. I wonder why? Maybe he wants to sleep with Mister Choi SeungHyun instead? But his room is even bigger than Mister Choi SeungHyun's...
"Yes. I really don't see anything wrong with it, and I really don't like sleeping alone anyway."
I really didn't like sleeping alone. Sometimes I'd wake up at the middle of the night and I feel really scared, I didn't like being alone.
"Oh, hyung! You're awake." Jiyong oppa said as he stood up.
"Jiyong? You're here already? What time is it?"
"Haha, I went home early today. It's almost time for dinner. What do you want to eat?"
"Well, I guess you did finish up early today. I'm fine with anything."  
"How about you EunAe-ah? What do you want to eat?"
"Oh, right I promised I'll make you cook stuff right?"  Mister Choi SeungHyun said as he looked at me with a smile.  His cheeks kinda looked puffy. I guess that's what happens if you sleep in the middle of the day.
"You can cook EunAe-ah?"
"Um, I just wanted to try. If that's okay Jiyong oppa."
"Hey, how come you call him oppa and I'm just Mister Choi SeungHyun? Call me oppa too!"
"But, I don't want to call you oppa."  
"You can't cook!" He said, crossing his arms
Time to try and do that strategy!  
"Okay." I said, bowing my head from disappointment.
"...Are you going to cry? N-no! Don't cry EunAe-ah, you can cook, go ahead. Cook anything you want!" He said as he patted my shoulders, trying to make me smile.   
"Hyung, you really have a weak spot for your dongsaengs." JiyongOppa said as he laughed at Mister Choi SeungHyun.
"She was going to cry any second!"
I...wasn't crying. Did I look like I was going to cry?
"N-no I wasn't!"
"Don't try to deny it!"
Suddenly there was someone at the door again.  
"We're home!"
"Oh, Finally! We were just about to decide on what to eat."
Soon, three guys went inside the house. Two of them had small eyes (one of them had pointy hair. I don't know how's that possible but he did it! How cool~)  and one guy reminded me of the panda slippers I'm wearing. I don't really know why though.  
"Oh! Is she EunAe?" The small-eyed guy said ...well the one with the pointy hair.
"She looks younger than I expected~" the other guy with small eyes said. ...I'll just take that as I'm young-looking.  
"Is she really a noona?"  
---He didn't just say that! I went up to that guy and pinched his cheeks. It was kind of hard since he was taller than me, but whatever! I managed to pinch his cheeks (even if I have to tiptoe a bit).
"Yes, I am your noona! Even if I don't look like it I'm older than you!" I really hate it when people don't think I'm older, there's just this something in me that wants to hurt them if they don't respect me as older person.
"EunAe, calm down. Maknae didn't mean to insult you." I heard Mister Choi SeungHyun said, he placed his hands on my shoulders to calm me down. I let go of the maknae's cheeks. ...Maknae? What? Really? That means he really is younger than me!  
"Oww—that hurts ;_;"  He said as he rubbed his cheeks.
"Hmph!" I said as I crossed my arms.
"She once broke someone's leg because she wasn't called noona, be careful Maknae-ah." Mister Choi SeungHyun said to the maknae. I feel so proud for telling that story. Hahaha!
I ended up cooking spaghetti and meatballs. I hope they like it, I've never really cooked before. Well, maybe I did, but I don't remember. I made a lot of meat balls; they said I could use however much I wanted so I decided to give everyone three pieces of meatballs (except Maknae SeungHyun. Even if he has the same name as Mister Choi SeungHyun I won't forgive him! I'll just give him two.)
"Here you go everyone. Sorry it took so long" I said as I gave them a small plate with the meat balls. I had to sit next to maknae, I couldn't complain about it because there weren't any other places left to sit.
"Heeey, why do I only have two meat balls, noona?" Maknae said as he looked at me with 'sad eyes'.  
"That's for not calling me noona."
"B-but I need as much energy as I can get. I'm the youngest afterall!"
"Fine, here have my other meatball." I said as I forked one of my meatballs. He looked happy to see the meatball go over his plate, haha! He fell for my trap! I quickly shoved the meatball into my mouth. Serves you right Maknae-ah.
Everyone laughed (except for Maknae)
"Good one, EunAe-ah" Jiyong Oppa said. I tried to smile, but it was really hard because the meatball was really big.  
Everyone was almost done eating the meal EunAe prepared.  
"The meatballs are delicious, how'd you learn to cook like this?" The older SeungHyun said.
"Oh, I just watched the cooking show." EunAe forked her other meatball. Maknae was looking sad; he really looked like he wanted another meatball. EunAe noticed this and gave him her meatball.
"You don't want another okay th---"
Maknae quickly forked it and stuffed it into his mouth.
"I'm sorry maknae-ah. I really can't control my temper when someone doesn't recognize me as an older person."
"Iffskay noonahh."
Holy shit this chapter is wro--long.
[1]Mister Choi SeungHyun: "Choi SeungHyun sshi"
> I just translated it in English. It's kinda like Ajusshi, except she says the whole name lolol. It's super awkward rite? It's also polite to call him Choisshi right? Or atleast SeungHyun-sshi, but she had decided to torture herself to stick to his whole name (she has issues lol)
[2] I left out the explaining lol.
[3] He said it in English.
I'm sorry this chapter took so long lol.