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&Stalker; ([info]shining_diva) wrote on March 9th, 2010 at 07:31 am
First, Godzilla was gonna attack the super market I was at (I knew this before hand) so I stole a bunch of goods (Grape juice, strawberry milk and a bunch of other sweets) to be power ups (...I believe I was a game character) then the spot where I predicted Godzilla would come out was false, so it was a surprise attack >_>

Then there came out boats (Just like Big Bang's ALWAYS boat. Idk don't ask me.) with people in them, I ran away together with some people (which were Taeyang,Sri and Gdragon. I...don't really know)

Then there was this Gackt-look alike who were announcing missions, he told us to go to this area (which I didn't know) GD/Sri dragged us to that place and then we were safe! Then the next mission was to go into a cold room and dance to TeniMyu songs (Idk. My brain is really fucked up lol).

So we go in the room and dance, the first song was a TeniMyu song and the next song was a BB song >_> so after that song I got out of the room but people told me "Game Over".

So I hit myself on the head with a bottle. Then I fainted, then when I woke up I pretended to have amnesia >_> Then there was this UKISS member in the couch I was sitting in, I told him it was all an act then he reveals it to the game officials.

Then I woke up.

My dream is damn weird.

*copy pastas into her journal*
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