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Yet to have a title: Prolouge  

This Story is yet to have a title

Summary: She was stupid enough to not bring a large amout of money. She was stupid enough to lose all of her memories, is she stupid enough to fall in love with someone she can’t have?

A/N: Wow the summary sounds so fucking vauge. I love me. This will be my first time to write a fan fic like this. I usually write for Animu Characters so hahaha. I’m sorry if this would suck and some of them would be out of character. Aaand Sorry for generalizing them Americans. So sorry ;A; I blame my friend who migrated to LA.


Once, there was a pair of two girls. One of them always looked like she was beaten half to death, and the other looks like a princess from a fan away land. The weird thing was they looked exactly the same, attended the same school and even came from the same family.

They were identical twins.

“Okay class, we have a new student. Please treat her well.” The teacher said as she opened the door. A small girl entered, there wasn’t anything special about her maybe except there was a bruise on her arm.

“Now, Introduce yourself.”

“I-I’m Lee EunAe. My mother calls me Sachiko but you can just all call me Louise. My mother is Japanese and my father is Korean. It’s all nice to meet you”. The girl said softly as she did a bow.

Her classmates were quite baffled with the bowing that she did, actually they were more amazed that this Chinese girl could speak English without a weird accent. This was America after all, most of the Asian people usually had an accent.

“You can sit beside Johnny. Johnny, please raise your hand so Louise would know where she’d sit.”


Kids gathered over the new girl. They asked her a lot of questions but one of them managed to ask the origin of her bruise.

“Hey, where’d ya get this?” A boy said as he poined to the bruise on her arm.

“Did you get it from a Kung-fu battle?”

“N-No. I got it from falling off of my bike. Actually my sister pushed me off my bike so I fell off.” EunAe said as she tried to smile.

This made the group of kids laugh like there was no tomorrow.

“Seriously? Wow, your older sister must be really mean then.”

“Um, actually she’s my younger sister.”

“Hey, unni. Can you like, I don’t know finish my homework?” the younger twin said.

“What? But I’m doing my—”

“I’m going to tell dad~” the younger said playfully as she opened the door, ready to tell on her sister.

“Fine Jooni. Just leave it on my desk, I’ll do it later.”

Jooni was not one bit happy with her sister’s response. She wanted her homework done right that instant. She wanted to have an A for her homework. She did not trust her sister’s words.


Heavy Footsteps.

Jooni stepped back, she acted all afraid and in pain.

EunAe looked at her sister with an angry glare.





A smirk is seen.


We moved far far away from that place that I once called home. It wasn’t supposed to be called ‘home’ to begin with. Wasn’t a home supposed to be warm and comfortable? All I ever experienced whenever I was inside those cold, hardwalls was nothing but pain. I never felt any warmth. Well maybe except when I’m alone with my mother.

My father always hits me even if I do everything perfectly, he somehow manages to find flaws on my work. Once, he even contradicted that one added to one is two, because my sister answered three. He hit me in the head for being ‘incorrect’.

It was not only me that my father hits, he also hits my mother. Even if my mother does nothing wrong too. She never does anything wrong, she cooks for us, cleans the house and do all the motherly work, but even if she does them all correctly she is welcomed by a warm slap in the face.

My younger sister, Jooni, is loved. She’s a mean bitch that deserves to die. That is all that you need to know about her.

Father always favoured Jooni. He never really liked me. I never knew why. Was it because I failed to grasp his language? Was it because I learned my mother’s language faster? Was it because I’m older? Maybe it was because of…—”

“What the?! Keigo! Why are you reading my diary!” EunAe said as she tried to grab the book away from the man called Keigo.

“What? We’re going to get married anyway, so it’s fine if I know every thing you.” He said with a warm smile.

End of Prolouge
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