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Tenten ([info]silk_empress) wrote,
@ 2025-07-03 20:36:00

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Contact and General Spam Post
-bows respectfully- Hello everyone. This would be the character journal for Tenten in the rp community of [info]nixcore. If you need to contact me about critiques, plot suggestions/ideas, or, you know, just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment here or try the following:

AIM: DragonStorm85
Other: taochan85@gmail.com

Thank you. -bows respectfully again-

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2009-04-26 01:59 pm UTC (link)
*nuzzle* v___v Haven't been catching you online lately so hope you see this.

Can we log with Tenten and Lee? :3

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2009-04-26 02:46 pm UTC (link)
*snuggles!* Yeah, it tends to happen when you live on opposite sides of the world. ^^;

But of course, Gina-Beana! BFF's need moarz logging!

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