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Another on eof those crazy letters. @ 00:44


Cinder and Meg,

I wanted to say thank you. Just thank you, for being as steady as you are. Even when either you or I have drifted, we always have found our way back.

This first year, after the Ides, I found myself more glad of your presence. It gave me hope, strength and the certainty that not all people that I know would end up turning tail, turning face or just plain dropping me like a cask fo beef gone off.

And Cinder. Always adored him. He's just one of those few I felt, and Renne felt, had something. I can't explain what bu tit's something I've truly seen only a few times. Something that makes Renne want to mimic Cinder and look up to him. And in alot of way, same goes on the Mundane side.

Few have that effect on me.
Fewer have it on Renne.
And fewer still have it on both of us.

Thank you for that and don't drift away.
You are a friend, a sister and most valued.


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Rounding the Horn

With Fire in the Sky