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User:stareyedsailor (14863)
Rounding the Horn
With Fire in the Sky
Name:The Star-Eyed Sailor
Location:Tennessee, United States
Bio:So here I am. My journal for various things. Roleplay, writing, philosophy, anything. I often reference back or rant about various adaptive technologies that most sighted folk aren't aware of.

That's right. Sighted. I'm quite blind, have been since birth with what's called optic nerve hypoplasia. I don't think much about it. It just is.

I have a thing about ships. And the Titanic. Bigtime. Want to know more? Ask. You might or might not get an answer. I'm a somewhat guarded brain. I tend to not give my name out to many people so you can just call me Star-Eyed.
Interests:14: archie kennedy, art, fanfic, harold lowe, horatio hornblower, paganism, philosophy, religions, rp, sailing, ships, titanic, wales, witchcraft
Mutual Friends:1: thetempest
Account type:Early Free User

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