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[27 Nov 2009|06:42pm]
I have been so good at not obsessing. I've impressed myself.

puer aeternus [23 Nov 2009|03:20pm]
I hope no one ever hurts you the way you hurt me. I've been nothing but nice to you from the very start. I haven't done a fucking thing to warrant the treatment you've imposed on me. Your grandiose claims aren't much more than inane accusations. Maybe there was truth in what you said somewhere or maybe you're half making shit up just to dig in a little deeper. I don't know. I'm not going to pretend like I don't give a fuck but I've dismissed it as part of your affliction. Whatever changed, I don't care. I grew up, that's what happens. I'm so completely sorry I didn't live up to my greatest potential as whatever you had imagined for me. I really am. I'm also sorry to inform you that despite what you seem to believe, you are not entitled to the right to judge me or anyone who happens to by on my fucking friends list. You're a deranged lost boy living in Narcissism Disorder Land, I hope its as dramatic and theatrical as you need it to be. I will stop existing so as not to further enrage you.

The killing moon. [21 Apr 2009|01:59am]

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