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Nataliaaa. ([info]thekooks) wrote,
@ 2008-03-28 05:35:00

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Current music:Beat It 2008; Fergie & Michael Jackson

beat it; beat it; no-one wants to be defeated.. ♫


Egh, I haven't updated in a while! My net has been giving me grief, I absolutly hate it sometimes. oh wells, its back now, so thats all good :D

I hope everybody had a good easter! I'm Greek, and we have a seperate easter.. this year it's like at the end of April, so I haven't really celebrated Easter properlly yet! lol. It was a good long weekend though! We went to a party on Friday night & that was pretty cool. Of course everyone ended up fighting & my friends mum ended up breaking her foot, so I had to take her to hospital. :[ i was there for till like 3am! i was so tired the next day :P

sunday me & jennette just went to our mates house.. billy and dredge were both drunk & decided to call some "sluts".. They ended up getting some girl to come out (that was our cue to leave) and then billy and dredge well.. they both.. well. yes. you get the idea. the girl was a SLUT. and she was 15.. *shakes head* anyway, i found out she was out with my friend josh before she went and seen the boys & turns out she had a little tag team session with him and his mate before she went and got it off with bill & dredge. thats FOUR boys in one night!!!

i just find it so hard to believe how girls disrespect themselves like that :(

Anywhoo. I'm getting the back room for my 18th! I'm so excited, I can't wait. I've got it all planned out, I want a red, black & white color theme with bits of gold everywhere. i'm obessed with scarface so red, black & white seems a good choice :P i wanna get a big old school adidas logo spray painted in gold on the back of the door.. i hope that looks okay!

i've sorta got big expectations for the room though.. i want to go to ikea & get all new furniture, i want a computer in there & a widescreen tv with cable :P i guess i'll just have to work it all up over time. but hopefully it gets there soon!


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