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a bug's thoughts ([info]thelovebug) wrote,
@ 2010-03-05 19:55:00

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The Bugcast, episode 99, broadcasting live tonight...
Make like Mr Whippy, and have a 99 on us!

Yes, it’s The Bugcast episode 99 - our 2 year anniversary - broadcasting live tonight from 21:00 UK time in the Bugcast chatroom.

The show format tonight will be the same as usual. We do have a number of tributes that people have recorded for us to play, but we’re going to play them all next week. If you want to add yours to the growing pile - either audio or textual - please send them to us by Wednesday 10 March.

Come along and join us tonight, and if you’ve never been before, make yourself known to us in the chatroom and we’ll make you feel welcome! :o)

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