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a bug's thoughts ([info]thelovebug) wrote,
@ 2010-04-03 16:12:00

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Two become one, potentially not even that...
Yesterday, I posted in my blipfoto journal, that we had just bought two goldfish, Ben and Holly.

I am saddened to report that Holly sadly died this afternoon, and Ben doesn’t look like he’ll last the day. In hindsight, we have no idea as to how old they were, or what condition they were in when we got them, but the fact that they didn’t last a full day suggests that they weren’t well, or we did something wrong. I don’t see how the latter could be, as we have done everything pretty much by the book.

If Ben does leave us, then we’ll clean out the tank, set it up again, wait a few days and then get another single goldfish from the pet shop. At least we’ll know that they’ve been looked after up to that point.

Edit @ 17:29: Ben just left us.

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