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a bug's thoughts ([info]thelovebug) wrote,
@ 2010-04-18 12:20:00

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The Bugcast website
I’m putting a brand new design of The Bugcast website live this evening. It’s a completely new back-end, running Wordpress, and incorporates a number of new features that I really didn’t have time to develop myself.

For the web users, you’ll notice that everything looks totally different. For example, you can now comment on shows directly on that show’s blog entry, and there is now a player on each show entry.

For the feed users, I’m afraid you’ll notice more than most, as you’ll probably get a number of old shows coming through on the feed again. This is because the unique identifier - that tells your podcatcher or iTunes whether you’ve already downloaded a show or not - has changed, and I don’t have any control over this. However, this indiscriminate redownloading of old shows should only happen once.

Anyway, I hope you will like the new design... and don’t forget that you can comment on the design by clicking on the Contact link at the top of the page when the site goes live.

I would anticipate the site going live around 22:00 UK time tonight.

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