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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2010-02-01 10:40:00

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Entry tags:dresden files, fandom

Days like this I am really, really glad my journal is off-site and not frequented unless I've posted fiction recently, because HOLY GOD, specific DF fan, STOP BEING AN ASSHAT. Jesus fucking Christ, every time a book comes out you get all "You may hate me now because I'VE read the ARC" like six months before and then start bragging about spoilers. NO ONE CARES. SERIOUSLY.

I mean, good Lord. I take it from Pris because she is wonderful and lovable. Guess what, by the way? She doesn't do it as much or in as assholish a way as YOU do, and she is a FREAKING ACTUAL BETA.

Do us all a favor. Go make like a tree and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

no love,

Dear self:
do not wank all over the entry. There is no need. Channel your icon.

Actual love,

Dear Prisness:
Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am that you're not an asshat about these things?

Much love,

ps I keep mistyping "Prisness" as "princess." Lack of glasses, or Hint from Above?

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