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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2010-06-10 23:26:00

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Entry tags:battlestar galactica, meme, roslin/adama

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale


There were parts of Daybreak that I loved. Adama and Roslin's resolution was beautifully, painfully perfect. The mingling of Cylon and human blood was wonderful. The Agathons and the Tighs gratified my inner romantic, although the Tighs felt a bit squicky if only because their relationship was earlier portrayed as mutually destructive, and I was a little surprised that Helo survived (don't get me wrong, I was intensely grateful and happy that he did, just surprised). And I admit to a little bit of "d'awww" with Baltar and Caprica, even though (for him at least) it was kind of a Karma Houdini moment.

On to the WTF.

Starbuck is the biggest one. I mean, they didn't even try to explain her. AND THE FREAKING CYLONS OMG WTF WAS THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE A PLAN JUST ADMIT IT. PS: Authors, mitochondrial Eve doesn't work the way you think she does. The flashbacks alternately grossed me out and made me go "WHAT." And WTF was with the last five minutes or so? Treat technology right and it won't bite you, WE GET IT. The ENTIRE FREAKING SERIES has been about that. You could've left it at "It's almost heavenly, it reminds me of you" and while we would've been BAWLING, we probably would've liked it much more. Argh.

But my biggest pet peeve is that we were expected to believe that these humans would willingly give up all their technology in favor of a hard and probably short life, just like that. I DON'T THINK SO. Lee fucks it up again and leaves the audience going WHAT.

It made me go WHAT a lot, basically, and I was not pleased. Except with Adama and Roslin, and the Agathons. I am pleased with them. *sniffle*

In conclusion, FUCK YEAH AGATHONS.

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2010-06-14 12:13 pm UTC (link)
One of the pinnacles of my geeky existence was discussing the BSG Finale with John Hodgman. The small group of folks in the discussion seemed united in its criticism that the notion of an entire society being willing to regress to a primitive culture was difficult to swallow. Hodgman quipped, "For instance: my character, the brain surgeon, would be unlikely to want to return to trepanning."

Heck, this is a society whose raptor pilots are offered the last tube of toothpaste as the ultimate form of incentive for finding a habitable planet. This is a society that's used to a (more or less) ready supply of pharmaceuticals and cigarettes and feminine hygiene products and meals you may have to squabble for occasionally, but you don't have to grow yourself or track down and kill. Relief from an all-algae diet may be a brief morale booster, but I give them a week before some horde of survivors whose slates weren't all that dirty to begin with revolts and steals Adama's raptor and flies to some other part of the planet to create their own frakkin' city, thank you very much. Maybe that's what Atlantis was.

The idea of cities somehow being a source of evil boggles my mind. In its simplest form, evil is the human desire for power, unchecked by human empathy. Human, human, human. Whether you life in a city or a farm or a nomadic hunter/gatherer culture or a crumbling Battlestar, the potential for human weakness exists in equal measure. And the "moral education" of the prehistoric humans being painted as some kind of noble undertaking was WAY too "White Man's Burden" for me.

While I totally dug the first half of the finale, the second half was just a big pile of "whuh?" and fail. Except for the Adama/Roslin scene, which was made of tears and beauty. But mostly whuh and fail.

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