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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2008-10-30 10:53:00

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Current music:Eurydice, Sleepthief ft. Jody Quinn
Entry tags:musings, writing

I just realized two things.

1) Spite is excellent motivation for writing.

2) I figured out why I ship Aral/Cordelia so much. There seems to be this trend lately in fiction and movies of marriages that don't work. That irritates me. I feel that there can be fully as much drama in a marriage that does work as in marriages that don't, and having lived through the implosion of a marriage in the past three years, I don't want to read about/see it. I want to see couples who fight and bicker and still love each other. It is possible, Hollywood-types.

I feel like more fiction depicting such couples might cut down on the number of divorces, if only by demonstrating that it is okay to fight with someone you love. Lois McMaster Bujold gets it dead to rights with Aral and Cordelia. They hurt each other all the time, but they forgive each other and move on. More positive depictions in fiction might help replace the Harlequin romance stereotype.

To explain 1: I got so sick of seeing all these stories in my Fiction Workshop II class about marriages that imploded or otherwise didn't work, so I wrote a story about one that did. Pretty much just because.

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2008-10-30 08:12 pm UTC (link)

This is why one of my favourite ships is Wash and Zoe. They're such different people, and they have very different ideas of how some things should be done, and they can be petty and pigheaded, but at the end of the day they love each other, and they draw strength from each other. Then Sam and Sybil have their share of disagreements, but they're incredibly devoted. When I wrote my 50 Sentences of Molly/Carlos, I made a point to show not everything between them is flowers and rainbows, but their clash isn't a deal-breaker. There is a place for relationships between Brady Bunch perfection and crash-and-burn catastrophe.

And now you make me want to write Harry/Murphy. *jabs ficathonfic with a cocktail sword*

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2008-10-31 05:09 am UTC (link)
Write Harry/Murphy! *encourage encourage*

Yes, exactly. You can be a different person from your spouse, and still love them more than life. You can disagree, you can argue, you can even have a good old knock-down drag-out fight and you can still love each other. Argument != immediate end of relationship, and disagreement != lack of love.

Now if only there was more fanfiction to that effect.




(curses, why do I not have a "fighting...or foreplay" icon)

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2008-10-31 05:24 am UTC (link)
*flees avalanche of bricks*

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