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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2008-12-02 23:27:00

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Entry tags:challenges, doctor who, fanfiction

Advent #1: The Doctor's Angels
Title: The Doctor's Angels
Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: None to speak of.
Characters: The Brig, Sergeant Benton, and by mention the Doctor, Liz, Jo and Sarah Jane.
Rating: G

"The Doctor's angels," the Brigadier remarked, watching through the window as the Doctor tried to hug all three of them simultaneously, with a remarkable amount of success.

Benton, beside him, blinked, and stared, and tried not to comment.

After a moment of this, the Brigadier asked in an irritated tone, "What? You haven't seen Charlie's Angels?"

"I've seen Charlie's Angels," Benton replied, and searched for a diplomatic way of putting it. Finding none, he continued, "I'm just trying to wrap my head around the notion of you having seen Charlie's Angels. Sir."

The Brigadier harrumphed, and proceeded to ignore him.

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2008-12-10 10:15 am UTC (link)
..Hallo there, I find myself obliged to note that this is made of win.


--infiniteviking from LJ

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