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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2009-08-02 16:46:00

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Post one or more sentences from each of your WIP's because if you do you might be magically inspired to finish them.

1) "I don't have a ring yet--" Ian starts, because how could he get one, they're in ancient Rome, for goodness's sake, but Barbara doesn't seem to mind and she's kissing him and his mind pretty much stops working, after that.

2) What she remembers first about Arthur are his hands, big and strong, warm and comforting to a small girl who’s scraped her knee.

3) He met Matt in the hospital after the second suicide attempt; they still have not discussed the long scars on his wrists.

4) It’s not just the memory of Seb that makes her run, it’s everything: her father’s frozen apathy and her dead mother, the little girl next door who vanished, and Lionel who ran away, a cold bedroom and a stunted childhood, but most of all the sneaking feeling that if she stayed, it would never end.

5) The midget was making trouble again. Jubal Early was beginning to think he shouldn't have taken this job.

6) The man in question was slamming his head repeatedly against his desk with metronome regularity. The impact was somewhat lessoned by the snowdrifts of paperwork covering the surface, but the intent was there.

7) Lawrence Dobson had the sneaking feeling that his girlfriend was smarter than he was.

8) I write this also to inform you that, should you hurt my baby sister in any way, I will come down on you like an airstrike from orbit. I don’t care if you are the Regent of Barrayar, I will manage something.

9) When Evy had finished her hysterics and she and Jonathan had had a sensible talk about the whole thing, they decided it was far better to just hide the skull somewhere and forget about it. Or rather, Evy decided, and Jonathan couldn’t find a sensible reason to disagree beyond “well, we might need his help someday.”

10) Ian looked up, startled, as a clean-shaven handsome man, American by the accent, dropped down on the bar stool next to him and gave him a brilliant smile that looked just a bit too practiced for comfort. “You’re looking awful gloomy,” the man continued, around the grin. “Need a pick-me-up?”

11) Sarah Jane Smith never wanted children. Maria told him that, once, before she knew what she was telling him. He remembers, too, what his mum said to Maria, back before she was his mum; “My life is dangerous, and rule one--I never put anyone else in danger, especially not a kid.”

12) Kate made an irritated noise, but Karrin continued before she could say anything. "Look, annoying, inexplicably cute tagalong with a weird perspective who helps you solve cases? Is a textbook Harry. You have a Harry."

13) It has been so long since I've been touched in gentleness, and I can't remember the last time someone besides Thomas tried to comfort me. It has been so long since any adult male touched me with absolutely no sexual overtones. It's that, as much as Thomas, as much as leaving again, that makes me start to cry.

14) She lifted an ironic golden eyebrow, and adopted an at-ease stance that somehow made LaFortier feel as if he was being mocked. The faint muffled snort from the darkened house did not help.

15) "Bill, what the frak were you thinking?" Laura's voice scaled up on 'frak' and didn't come down.

16) And she hadn’t been, had she. That had been just after that disastrous relationship of hers… which set his mind on a new but probably still futile track. “Cordelia, dear, how in hell did you end up married to the Regent of Barrayar?”

17) “Yes, I’ve met your mother,” Luke says, brightly. “Have you met mine?”

18) It was Admiral Gilad Pellaeon's private conviction that it was a rather bad thing when one could classify one's nightmares by setting, participants, and frequency.

19) The Countess was seated firmly and unapologetically in her husband’s lap, and looked as if she had no intention of moving any time soon.

20) "Flowers?" Eislingen asked, innocently.
Half a second later he ducked a hurled pillow and sniggered all the way into bed.

Here's the originals.

21) “It’s not that,” she said, then considered, and added, “Well, not just that. He’s not terminally dense, either. He has at times successfully demonstrated the capacity for learning.”

22) She looked back up to find Lady Cassandra watching her thoughtfully before a sudden smile flashed across the lady's face. "Don't worry, my dear," she said, in a merry tone. "When he comes back I'll tell him the proper term is courtesan, not whore. Though I doubt he'll see the difference."

23) Lynne sighed, and ran both her hands over her face. "I can't believe he hasn't gotten fired yet. Though sexual harassment through Monty Python is a new one."

24) Here goes. She took a deep breath, and knocked.
Almost immediately, Saul shouted "Go away!"
"Cranky, you said?" Lionel murmured.

25) Amy rolled her eyes, but stayed seated on the box. Okay. So she knew sort of what the Five Human Gifts were, and it sort of made sense, a little, if any of this made sense at all. So what did that leave? The Sixth Gift that Janelle had mentioned briefly, and that significant inclusion of “Human,” and Shaz’s hair…
…well, Shaz’s hair probably couldn’t be explained by anyone.

26) He grinned at her, his teeth startlingly white in his dusty, tanned face. “Yes, Miarka, I know you’re only using me for my language skills. Doesn’t mean I can’t do something to help you other than just speak Lantican and translate your insults for the local populace.”

27) Hadassah nodded, and sighed. “I hate Starbucks, but it’s the only place in five blocks that makes a decent cup of coffee. Half the time I get scheduled for lunch hearings anyway. You wouldn’t believe the shit Congressmen try to pass off as coffee.”

28) Leaving Desdemona was the hardest thing I ever did. Everything else was easy, really.

29) “You don’t need your mum,” he is saying, uncertain, but firm; “not when you’ve got me. You don’t need her. You’re mine, and I’ve got you. You’re mine.”

30) The other man was dressed in a very amateur way (real thieves, at least those who could not convienently become invisible, did not wear all black at night; contrary to popular belief, it made you very visible), and something about the way he was lurking, staring fixedly at one particular lighted window, made Ross think "stalker."

11 and 17 may actually end up being the same story. I'm still percolating that one.

Also, if you can guess the fandom for the fanfics, I will... I don't know, do something nice for you. Maybe write you a drabble. Be careful: some of the obvious ones are less obvious than they look. :D

Anyway, which ones intrigue? Any of them look like I'm wasting my time?

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