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Hinata Hyuuga ([info]tosharesunshine) wrote,
@ 2009-12-20 22:37:00

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Current location:Home
Current mood: contemplative
Current music:Jason Mraz - The Remedy

[003] It's That Time Again...
So...that postcard thing...was...interesting. I've never posed for anything before except when harassed by my sister. I don't think the director was too happy with us when we refused to kiss on the mouth. It was still very embarrassing. Especially when I realized that no one's ever kissed me that much...other than family. ...Which is slightly weird. It was a neat concept, though. ...Even though I'm a bit terrified some cousin of mine will, um, end up with it and recognize me. Which would be...very, very bad. ...Not to mention awkward. But I suppose there is nothing to be done...

Christmas is around the corner already; where did the time go? I've almost finished my shopping, but not quite...some people are a little difficult to buy for. It's kinda neat, though, shopping for friends acquaintances too instead of just family. By the way, thank you again for the barrettes, Sasori; they're very pretty. :)

This is going to be my first Christmas on my own. I'm going to miss my sister terribly. She's a little mad at me, I think, since I can't just fly back there for Christmas and my birthday. ...Even if my birthday is on Sunday and I don't work until 4:30 Monday so I could technically make a flight back...but I can't afford it without Father's assistance.

It's odd; I'm not going to be a teenager anymore. Part of me wonders if there should be more fanfare for that, but part of me thinks it's somewhat fitting that I'll be on my own away from my family. ...It's still going to be lonely.

Is anyone else stuck alone for the holidays? ...I kinda still want to make a turkey, since I usually only get to do that twice a year... Maybe we could do a potluck thing? ...Or I'd be willing to cook stuff if someone else contributed. ...I don't want to be alone after all, I guess.

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