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Hinata Hyuuga ([info]tosharesunshine) wrote,
@ 2010-01-27 03:39:00

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Current location:Home
Current music:Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama

[004] Oh, hey, lookit the cobwebs.
Oops, it's been awhile since I updated this. I kind of forgot to, hehe.

The holidays went well. Thank you for the chocolate, Naruto; it was delicious! I had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve with Sasori - thank you again! And the Christmas meal Lee and I made was really, really good. Maybe next year we can have more people come. Not that I'm hoping that there are people who don't have anyone to spend the holidays with! Just...I figure there were others out there that still spent theirs alone. New years was interesting, since my sister called at midnight EST and made me stay on the line with her until she could wish me a happy new year according to our time zone. I'm still just amazed she didn't run out of things to chatter about on a three hour phone call.

Also, I now have an adorable rascal of a kitten thanks to Sasori who has been claiming most of my free time. He's pure white with these biiiiiig green eyes. He's been taking well to training, though he has been incredibly put out the past couple days because I had to get him neutered. Poor darling. I finally decided to call him Gakidou. It means "hungry ghost" or "hungry devil." And he's always hungry, hehe. And tries to get into my food when I'm not paying attention. But he's learning not to. And he has this tendency to get into rooms when I know I shut the door...and the door is still shut...and I know he was on the other side of it. So he's very like a ghost. ...I can also shorten it to "Gaki" when he gets underfoot...which is often. I'm glad, though. The apartment was far too quiet before.

Oh! Before I forget: your W2's have all been sent now. Thank you for being patient while we verified everyone's addresses. Please remember that you have until April 15th to file your taxes. Failure to comply can possibly result in felony charges of tax evasion in the instance that you owe money. However, most people get money back from their tax returns. Either way, it's a good idea to file. If necessary, you can even file for an extension until October 15th - but if you owe money it is still due April 15th to avoid a penalty. If you require assistance in filing, there are many agencies out there that specialize in sorting the legal fine print of filing for you, and there are several qualified people in the accounting offices offering their services as well. :)

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