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Hinata Hyuuga ([info]tosharesunshine) wrote,
@ 2010-05-25 02:45:00

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Current location:Home
Current mood: exhausted
Current music:Little Boots - Earthquake

[005] Oh. Yeah. This thing.
While it was interesting to meet so many of you who required assistance with taxes, I think I'm glad to say I'm thankful tax season is over. The extra work was good experience and a little extra income, but very draining.

Gaki is doing well. He adjusted quickly to training and doesn't seem to mind me not being around all the time, thankfully. He still baffles me with his ability to not be where I thought he was and tendency to get into everything. I almost shut him in the fridge the other day because he crawled in while I was getting something off a higher shelf. He's gotten pretty big and lost a little fluff, since the vet says he's almost a year now.

I'm also glad for the break between class terms. I think I understand a little more why people try to avoid working while getting their Masters. Not that I can't handle it, but...finals were intense. I still received top marks, but I sometimes wished I'd had more study time. I can only imagine it would have been even more daunting were I still at Harvard. Though I wouldn't have to work then, but I'd still have to live with Father... But anyway, I have a couple weeks to regroup before summer term, so I plan to enjoy them! And sleep.

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