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Hinata Hyuuga ([info]tosharesunshine) wrote,
@ 2010-06-18 16:52:00

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Current location:Home
Current mood: contemplative
Current music:Ellie Golding - Starry Eyed

[006] Ow.
I find it odd that, through all my years of martial arts and related injuries, I've never had stitches. And it is an act of clumsiness that finally warrants me getting them. They're interesting; they don't really hurt, but they feel weird when the skin pulls at them.

Though that could partially be due to the numbing salve.

My school break has indeed been an enjoyable one, though despite the stitches and incident requiring them. Thank you to the couple friends I've managed to spend some time with - it would be fun to do it again, I think. :)

[Private to Shino]

...Thank you again for driving me to the hospital. I'm sorry for inconveniencing you. Is there anything I could do to return the favor?

[/Private to Shino]

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