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11th-Mar-2020 01:54 am
daddy pls~
11th-Mar-2019 01:58 am - OOC: All comments IC
king of this muthafucka, king of the cool club
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11th-Mar-2018 02:04 am - Info
i didnt quite catch that
Player's name/nickname: Ash
Player LJ: [info]namikaze
AIM notbritishwutwut

Character Information


Also: The Dirty Background Story of Namikaze Minato
26th-Apr-2009 06:15 pm
thinking or constipated?
Upon arriving in America I found out more and more about the silly sport of surfing. While I'm a horrible klutz I found that I had amazing balance while in the water. There were classes for such a thing, but I've always been able to learn with trial and error. It's wonderful that I am now at a level where I can teach another.

Manchester is all but a few miles away. Figure that. Home sickness takes a backseat when California supplies you with convenience. I think at this point it would be considered whining if I went on about being homesick. When everything I have is here. So much so that I would detach a large amount of myself to be rid of it. Food for thought I suppose.

... How is everyone? Fill my day with conversation. I want to know all about your plans. Come chat and tell me all your woes. I'm drained you see. I would like to know if someone is having a good day. ♥
5th-Apr-2009 06:02 pm
unhappy tiem, fucking MAD at you
Note: You can only hear this if you're not Orochimaru or Obito. Or if you're close to him and bother to listen. AND/OR KNOW WTF HE'S TALKING ABOUT. :| )

I'm not wielding a bloody kunai. I don't care whether I'm the damn-... Yellow flash.


This is absolute trash.
23rd-Mar-2009 07:57 pm - Paying it somewhere...
I'm laughing AT you. Promise.
I've never seen any point to these silly games that travel around the office. There's a wonderful world to explore and people would rather spend their time frolicking in their cubicles... Though I do believe I look rather dashing in these shades. I'll play along only this once.

Even if star gazing is a bit tolly harsh with sunglasses. I wear my sunglasses at night. So I can. So I can-

Corey Heart is a sexy man... )
18th-Mar-2009 11:24 pm
up urs fgt

I really see no issue with the tiny lad. A bit hairy and never did tell me where to find the gold. Actually he was rather randy and had a liking to ankles... And smelled of beer. Old... beer.


I'm vaguely reminded of home. But I believe this to be the exact opposite of homesickness. Yes.

That aside give a congrats to my son! Who wishes to put out fires in public because he can't quite simmer the one in his trousers. Cheers.
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