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YAMANAKA INO ❝山中いの❞ ([info]verdure) wrote,
@ 2015-01-01 00:00:00

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Current mood: accomplished

info post.
Name: Britt
Username: [info]smithereens / britt
Age: 21
Email: chasingastarlight@gmail.com
AIM Screename: amomentalive

Character's Name: Yamanaka Ino
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Kamiki Aya
Year in School: 3rd Year / Junior
Major / Minor: Dramatic Arts / Psychology
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Associated Students Council (Vice President of University Affairs), Drama Club, whatever acting/modeling jobs she can get.

Background History:

The only daughter of a pair of successful florists, Ino never wanted for much in life. Her parents ran the Yamanaka Flower Company, a chain of flower shops that, while not obscenely lucrative, was lucrative enough that money was never an issue with the Yamanakas, especially not Ino. Ever since she was a baby, she was doted on and spoiled by her parents, her father in particular; they showered her with toys and presents and most importantly, love. She, in turn, kept them wrapped around her little finger.

Ino grew up into a precocious, feisty girl, winning over the adults with her charming personality and winning over the kids with her easy confidence. But why would she ever doubt herself? She was pretty sure--with her parents to corroborate it--that she was the most amazing little girl in the whole world. She was Daddy’s Little Princess through and through.

When she was in elementary school, she met--and subsequently lost--her best friend to, of all things, a boy. Ino prided herself on her judgment. She also prided herself on being an excellent florist, having helped out in the local shop since she could walk; she saw something in this girl in spite of the way the others teased her. Even the most ordinary flower could be beautiful if you presented it right, or so she’d been taught.

So she reached out, introduced herself, and gained a friend. Thanks to the umbrella-like protection of Ino’s popularity, the other girls stopped their teasing. At least until they both started nursing a crush on the same boy, and the friendship ended.

Ino took it hard; she hated losing a good friend over something so stupid. She hated being wrong.

It was the only blight on her otherwise fairy tale childhood, though she didn’t let it slow her down, even throughout middle and high school. Unlike a lot of her peers, the gawky teenage years seemed to pass Ino by; sometime over one summer, she metamorphosed into a beautiful young woman, with her natural blonde hair and big blue eyes (Yamanaka legend attributes it to an American GI during World War II), and that was that. Puberty cowed before Yamanaka Ino.

In high school, like your stereotypical queen bee, she joined the student council as vice president, worked her way through the baseball team, the soccer team, and the karate club, and commanded the students like a general commands his troops. Popularity and peer management came easy to her, thanks to her self-confidence, good looks, and minor sense of entitlement.

But in spite of being the most popular girl in school, Ino was also an excellent student, earning some of the highest grades in her class and eventually, a spot at one of the top universities in Tokyo. Unfortunately for her parents--though her father came around eventually--her interests never really leaned towards academics or taking over the family business, though she does and always will love flowers.

Ino wanted to go into show business. She wanted to be famous, because no other spotlight was big enough for her. But most importantly, she wanted to be an actress, to express herself on her own terms.

Being adored by millions of fans would just be an added bonus.

So she took that scholarship to the big Tokyo university. But instead of majoring in Business or Psychology or something sensible, she decided to bide her time with a Dramatic Arts major, as least until she made it big. And she would make it big. Eventually.

Personality/Likes & Dislikes:

Ino is a girl that’s all about appearances. There’s a large gap between how she acts and how she feels, which can translate into superficiality in most cases and self-preservation in other. She won’t hesitate to judge a book by its cover, and to judge it quickly and harshly. She’ll rarely beat around the bush--unless it’s a situation that requires some delicacy (see: flirting), which makes it a special circumstance--preferring to be straightforward, sometimes shockingly blunt in her choice of words.

She definitely doesn’t mind being shocking, though. An attention whore at heart, Ino will gladly take the spotlight in any situation she can. She’s used to getting it, after all, and she can be mightily put out if she doesn’t, because she’s also a drama whore at heart. The acting thing didn’t come out of nowhere; her first reaction is usually an overreaction, loud and animated and if you’re feeling kind, passionate.

However, this also makes her kind of a bitch. Thanks to her father spoiling her silly, she doesn’t take too kindly to people trying to deny her things, and will usually make her displeasure known in a loud, shrill way. It doesn’t take much to set off her temper; one misplaced comment and she’ll start the shrieking.

That also goes if you tell her to butt out. Her confidence can come with an overconfidence, which can come with unrelenting bossiness and butting-in. For your own good, of course. Obviously, she’s the foremost authority on Everything, so you better listen or perish.

Unless, of course, you’re a very hot guy. She has a penchant for them; you could say that they’re her weakness, specifically the tall, dark, and handsome type, which is where her superficiality comes in--she usually fails to look any deeper than that, and gets bored of them pretty quickly. Her flirting style, much like the rest of her, is slightly over the top and very thinly veiled. She’s not shy in the least, confident in her beauty and her ability to seduce. If you’re looking for a cutesy little girl, you’re looking in the wrong place.

None of this is to say that she’s a total bitch. In spite of surface level impressions, she does, ultimately, have a sympathetic heart, even if she doesn’t always show it in the right ways. The true friends she has are always fiercely guarded. She can’t turn down anyone in need. Underneath it all, she wants to act in order to connect to people, and below even that, she can’t admit it to anybody.

Her insecurities are much like other girls, though she combats her fear of being fat and unwanted with obsessive dieting, her fear of being alone with a wide circle of friends. Ino is definitely not a passive participant in her life, taking charge and sticking to her guns. She’s stubborn and headstrong and you can’t ever fault her for being a girl that knows what she wants.

Other Notes:

• Eats up fashion magazines like hotcakes. Unfortunately, she doesn’t eat much else. Nutritionists would string her up for all the fad and crash diets she’s tried.
• Changes her hairstyle on a fairly regular basis, though she refuses to actually cut it. That’s family tradition, bitch.
• Owns more pairs of shoes than Imelda Marcos.
• LOVES THE COLOR PURPLE. Don’t even try to talk her out of it.
• Can spend money like a motherfucker. Doesn’t even matter whose it is, since she can mooch like a motherfucker too.
• Will eventually star in a porno. It’s just. Inevitable.

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