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violent_lily ([info]violent_lily) wrote,
@ 2012-01-08 01:27:00

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Current location:Florida(Unfortunatly)
Current mood: calm

So I'm currently watching "Almost Famous* online but my internet is lagging pretty bad tonight for some reason so I thought it would be a nice night to write. I haven't had a journal in quite a while but didn't really have the time with raising a 1 year old and all. I feel my brain is becoming crammed pack with emotions and thought so I could tell it was time to start writing again. So here's whats been up with my life...I have an amazing 14 almost 15 month old daughter,I asked my boyfriend to marry me,and we moved in with my grandmother since her companion died; So I have a bit on my plate at the moment plus I'm going to school and this semester I'm taking classes on campus instead of online. So the deal with the engagement is on New Year's Eve this year I asked Jace to marry me which he said "Yes" to but we are not getting married until October 6th,2013 (if the world doesn't end before then lol) On the brightside at least I have plenty of time to plan. Now on to living with my grandmother; She is almost 90 in fact she will be turning 90 this month but she can be a bit difficult to get along with before I moved in she was this sweet wise women and now that I live with her I've been experiencing a complete 180 in her mood. I have tried to ignore the way she acts though because I know she is grieving and has not been herself lately because of that. Its sad that her companion of 20 years died;he was very nice and funny. I wish I knew how to help her but I have never been good with death and grieving; I feel all I can do is listen to what she has to say and so I have been. On another happier note my amazingly beautiful daughter has been getting so big! She can walk now and talk a bit but most importantly can laugh like crazy! I can't believe how big she has gotten and how she fills my life with joy more an more every day. I start school next month so I have been crazy busy trying to get my glasses and financial aid in order which has been fun NOT! I don't understand why they have to make signing up for classes so difficult it's like they want you to run away screaming "Nevermind..I give up..who needs an education anyways!!!!! " Anyways I'm going to go now it's getting quite late and I'm going to attempt to finish this movie. So until next time....

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2012-05-27 11:36 pm UTC (link)

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