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violent_lily ([info]violent_lily) wrote,
@ 2014-01-20 12:13:00

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So it's been a while...
Last time I wrote on her was forever ago and I just felt the need to start writing again. Here's a little update..Jace and I didn't get married on October 6th,2013 instead we broke up and I moved out. However about 8 months later we started dating again and moved back in together,then on November 2nd,2013...we got married :) The wedding was lovely not may people but it was still nice. We ended up going to Disney World for our honeymoon and it was amazing..we stayed in the beautiful resort that I wish I could have stayed at forever lol. Now I'm trying to work on getting better at doing wifely duties like cleaning,organizing,cooking and what not. My energy has been at an all time low lately so its been pretty difficult but I'm determined to get better at that stuff lol. Our daughter is 3 now and is crazy but fun and sweet when she wants to be. Jace is planning on joining the military soon and I'm enrolled in Cosmetology school. So yeah thats pretty much everything thats going on in our lives at the moment. Just thought I'd post an update :)

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