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whgc9539ad ([info]whgc9539ad) wrote,
@ 2012-01-19 04:15:00

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A beneficial guide on widespread dental phrases from guardian dental providers

Oral Dictionary

In the definition of terms and conditions is prevented also technical for the sake of clarity and simplicity of Dental terminology dictionary


Surgically severing the suggestion of the tooth root.

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Technique to favor the formation of this tooth root (in little ones).

Temporomandibular joint (A.T.M.):

The articulation belonging to the jaw on the skull.


Hook accustomed to repair the pieces fixed to a removable product, improving stability and assistance.


Metal bar that connects two pieces absent, utilized to assist a prosthesis.

WHITENING TEETH NO Very important:

Whitening of this teeth that had undergone a previous root canal.

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TEETH WHITENING Very important:

Whitening teeth endodontically taken care of by splints and unique cleaning kits is executed on an outpatient foundation.


Element on the tooth, which exert the necessary voltages for orthodontic braces.


Material that is placed to the noticeable part in the tooth in order to greatly improve it aesthetically, it may be a prefabricated porcelain veneer or ameliorate defects with composite.

PERIODONTAL Surgical treatment BY FLAP:

Detachment for the gum to make a deep root cleaning.


Particular clamping program prosthesis.


Composite supplies utilized to restore or fabricate tooth tooth-like coloration.


Repairing a damaged dental appliance that may be relatively easy or incredibly exact welding.

Compostur, REBASE:

Fitting a prosthesis, adjusting its composition.


Final molar or knowledge tooth, that may be seen in normal position or covered because of the gums or be included inside the bone itself.


Scenario tooth accustomed to coat a organic and natural aspect deteriorated, to support a fixed prosthesis or to replace a lacking tooth by bridge or implant. Has the identical form the part it replaces.


Scaling of tooth surfaces for hygiene in depth.


Attachments to extend the attachment within the prosthesis.

Sinus lift:

Medical procedures that is definitely aimed to increase the amount of bone around the maxilla, working with regeneration membranes and / or bone filler material, to allow subsequent placement of an osseointegrated implant.


Take out dead or alive nerve of the tooth. The piece will surely have one or more roots, root canal being uni, bi or polirradicular depending on the number of them.

Retention stage:

Cycle inside the orthodontic procedure that could be carried inside a restraining system to take care of the punition acquired.


Composition, placed to the teeth, accustomed to alleviate pain and suitable the malfunction on the temporomandibular joint. They might be: gentle, using a silicone type material, rigid materials, rigid acrylic resin mounted to the articulator, that happen to be manufactured with a product that imitates the movements of your jaw.

Examine LATERAL SPLINTS Presurgical:

Resin composition that serves as a direct for positioning of implants.


Applying a fluoride gel about the teeth.

Labial or lingual frenectomy:

Segment from the frenulum on the tongue or decrease lip or higher.


Cut the gum when it happens to be inflamed.

Osseointegrated implants:

Inserted into the metal construction upper or lower jaw bone with which it's intimate connection (osseointegration) and serves for the attachment of crowns or dentures, along with a stump that could be of various sorts.


Fragment customized designed by the laboratory technician to cover a cavity of a tooth.


Repairing model for fixed prostheses that distributes loads support the teeth.

LIGATION OF Dogs. Surgical fenestration of teeth:

A surgical technique useful for the outcrop belonging to the tooth and its accurate placement.

Cleansing OF MOUTH. Annual Upkeep:

Cleaning by bodily, chemical or ultrasound to be executed annually like a preventive measure to keep teeth in wonderful situation.

Increased Cleaning OF MOUTH PERIODONTAL Cure:

Cleaning to be conducted over after a year when there is disease affecting the tissues that support and surround the teeth.


Soon after extraction of a tooth (child), placement of an factor to keep the room to the exit of the ultimate tooth.

Regeneration products and bone grafts:

Objects employed to advertise bone formation or to fill bone defects in room.

Materials Normally Used in DENTISTRY:

Amalgam, composite resins, acrylic, porcelain, non-noble metal and noble metal. These products can be used for a variety of advantages or prosthetic dental practice, as directed by the practitioner.


Pin or bolt that is positioned inside root of a tooth or an implant osseointegrated and whose head (stump) serves as being a support for just a crown or other prosthesis.




Remedy by appliances positioned in the teeth, which might be fixed or taken out every once in awhile, experiment with putting them in position. average orthodontist salary


Time period in which the orthodontic individual, devoid of carrying apparatus, is waiting to begin a whole new appliance treatment and which need to periodically investigate your progress.


Products similar to a small metal screw, chosen as reinforcement.

Detachable PROSTHESIS:

Devices to remove and switch areas that absent, fastened with the existing will mean of fasteners (hook) or attaches. They are able to be of steel structure (skeletal) or acrylic resin.


Fixed prosthesis employed to exchange missing teeth and consists of a locking system on adjacent pieces making use of distinct sheaths or crowns and bridge models (crowns) for every of this missing parts.


Variety bridge with a special attachment to adjacent teeth, so it does not want anchoring with crowns.


Partial elimination of the nerve, with the destruction of the pulp and subsequent filling for the piece.


Desobturar, clean, disinfect and re-seal a tooth and root canals.

RECREATION Complex (major reconstruction / reconstruction angle):

Reconstructs a tooth filling that afflicted more than two faces.

Core buildup: Comes with BOLTS AND / OR PINS:

Reconstruction of a seriously broken tooth, working with bolts or pins for reinforcement of the repair service.

DENTAL Avulsion Replantation:

Replacing the tooth ejected subsequent to trauma (in young people).


Settlement of a porcelain veneer or crown which has suffered a tear or deterioration.

Fissure sealants:

Materials put in pits and fissures to stop cavities.


Resin prostheses supported in a number of abutment teeth or implant employing completely different restraint systems (Dolder bar, telescopic copings, and so on.)..


Overdenture with cast metal reinforcement inside of to increase strength.


Carved teeth to get an optimum match amongst the jaws.


Irregular boost in bone size while in the upper or decreased jaw.


Each crown is often a bridge that's employed to specifically change a tooth missing.


Surgical method of maximizing the vestibule (the place relating to the lip and gum). http://www.hsdm.harvard.edu/

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