September 5th, 2011

School Grounds and Rules @ 09:04 pm

*Anything that is underlined has a link to a picture EXCEPT the school grounds and rules!

School grounds and rules:
Basic School information:
Blue Ridge School for Witchcraft and Wizardry is a school for young wizards to hone their skills. The school accepts students 11-18 years old. Transfer students are accepted at the beginning and end of each semester.
First through third years are like American middle school.
Fourth through seventh years are like American high school.
The cut off date is September 1 (so if a student turns 11 on or before September 1, they may begin schooling in that year).

Blue Ridge University is a magical University for students aged 18-22. The school accepts transfers and wizards and witches from other magical high schools.

Basic lay out:
The school is located in the Blue Ridge mountain range in Georgia, USA. It is isolated from the surrounding communities as there are forests all around the school and the grounds are protected by magical boundaries. The school is very close to a portion of Lake Blue Ridge where the students sometimes sneak down to have beach parties or go swimming. There is also a smaller lake on the grounds called Mystic Lake. It is home to many magical creatures and despite it's size, the lake grows quite deep in the middle. It is ill-advised to go swimming in Mystic Lake.

A few miles off campus there is a sleepy, little mountain town inhabited only by Wizards. It's called Bluebell Town and it's much like the Hogsmead of Hogwarts. Upperclassmen (4-7 and university) are allowed to go into the town on their own, for underclassmen there are biweekly visits organized and chaperoned by a few of the faculty.

The school is compromised of several buildings, a garden, a greenhouse, a quodpot field, a quidditch pitch, a common ground, and a smaller fields to accommodate for muggle sports. The term garden us used loosely to describe a section of land set aside for magical plants and herbs to be grown and used for herbology students. Here's an MSpaint map to help orient you.

King's Hall
This is the main building on campus also known as "the castle." There there is a ball room, a theater, the dining hall, the doctor's office, and faculty offices including the head masters office. The building is easily distinguished from the other buildings on campus as it's a small castle. The school's owlery is at the top of King's Hall and the owl post is delivered every morning during breakfast. Breakfast is served from 5:30-9:00am, lunch is served from 11:00am-1:30pm, and dinner is served from 6:00-8:00pm. The dining hall has six long tables set up, there is a banner hanging above each table with their house colors and mascots. Students do not have to sit at their house tables but most choose to anyways.

Valley Hall
This is where underclassmen take their classes.

Georgia Hall
This is where upperclassmen take there classes.

University Hall
This building is the largest on campus and where all the University classes are held. All of the University staff have a personal office in this building as well.

The Percival Walker University Kitchen
The newest addition to the school is the university kitchen complex. Culinary students from the University take their classes here and the cooking club holds meetings in these facilities.

The Bainbridge Library
The library is usable by all the students and staff including University. Commissioned and built under Margaret Bainbridge's watchful eyes in 1866, it was named after her when she passed away in 1906.

Black Bear Road
Faculty housing for staff who do not wish to commute. It is not so much a road as it is a small community set up at the edge of the campus for staff privacy.

The Greenhouse
It's lackluster name says nothing for the greenhouse itself. The garden club and herbology students alike spend a lot of time tending to the expansive plant life.

The Gymnasium
Near University Hall there is a gymnasium with a dance studio, a pool, treadmills, and other work out equipment. A lot of funding goes into the gym so each few years the equipment is replaced with brand new, state of the art, equipment.

Student dorms
Dorm assignments and living situations are located here.

School term:
Like all American schools, classes begin for students in September, the Thursday after Labor day. School runs through the year until mid June when final exams are taken. Exams are followed by a lengthy summer vacation. There are a few shorter vacations interspersed throughout the year including; Columbus day (4 day week), Thanksgiving (2 day week), Winter Holiday, Mid-winter break, and Spring break. Arrangements are made for students who prefer to stay on campus during their breaks.

The calendar can be found here.

For 1-3 years curfew is 9pm. This means that they must be in their individual rooms by 9 pm, every night.
For 4-7 years curfew is 11 pm on weeknights. This means they must be in their dorm buildings and observing quiet hours by 11 pm Sunday-Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays there is no curfew but they are expected to be respectful.
There is no curfew for University students but they are expected to observe quite hours.

Punishments are covered in the student handbook. Punishments are relatively handled on a situational basis. If a character breaks a rule it is at the discretion of the player as to whether or not they get caught unless the offense is wide out in the open. (i.e. fights in the hallway will be caught). Punishments aren't all bad and they lead to some fun threads that can get played out!

School dress code must be adhered to on school grounds from 7am until the end of the school day at 3:10.

Skirts, trousers, or shorts of the appropriate length in black, grey, or in house colors. Jeans are not permitted during class hours. Shirts are to be white button ups. Sweaters and vests are permitted in black, grey, white, or house colors. A tie must be worn around the neck in the students primary house color or both colors. Student badges must be worn during school hours to make sure no non-students are on campus during school hours. Shoes must be black with no higher than an inch heel. Black floor length robes are to be worn all through out the day. Each student is provided with a robe at the beginning of the school year, the inside of the robe is that student's primary house color and they are all charmed to stay temperature regulated.

University- University House does not require a uniform to be worn but there is a dress code that students should refrain from wearing offensive or revealing clothing. University students receive a robe at the beginning of the school year as well.

Students are allowed to bring their familiars to school as long as they are cleaned up after, not massively huge, and harmless. One student is permitted one familiar on campus. Cats, dogs, and other small animals are permitted but if a student has to be warned more than three times about cleaning up after their familiars, the familiar will be sent home. Familiars are debatable, if you're not sure just ask. No. You may not have a moose or a giraffe.
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