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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]salesman. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: hello apollo!
Keywords: apollo. you're a fox.
Keywords: don't be silly apollo!
Keywords: i love apollo's orange glow.
Keywords: mr oldridge. is that necessary?
Keywords: now now apollo. don't do that.
Keywords: apollo! you naughty boy you!
Keywords: stop making me feel weird apollo.
Keywords: should i tell apollo?
Keywords: i don't know. apollo?
Keywords: i like apollo.
Keywords: you know who's great? apollo!
Keywords: i heard apollo's gay?
Keywords: thanks apollo!
Keywords: i do love apollo's hair.
Keywords: isn't apollo looking marvelous?
Keywords: my oh my. that apollo is swell.
Keywords: tell me apollo! how do you do it?
Keywords: oh apollo. you're such a kidder.
Keywords: may i have this dance apollo?
Keywords: question: how many apollos...
Keywords: okay apollo. you know best.
Keywords: it's apollo's dick in a box!
Keywords: apollo. may i have a word?
Keywords: don't give me that face mr orange glow.
Keywords: sweet lord apollo! put that away!
Keywords: apollo's making me angry.
Keywords: shut the hell up apollo.
Keywords: i can't believe you apollo!
Keywords: jesus christ! apollo!
Keywords: i'm going to kill apollo.
Keywords: if apollo doesn't shut up...
Keywords: apollo! you're making me nervous!
Keywords: i wish you wouldn't do apollo like that!
Keywords: i'm not apollo.
Keywords: look apollo. i'm not gay.
Keywords: apollo comfort me. i'm crying.
Keywords: that's an interesting point apollo.
Keywords: oh apollo. you know me all too well.
Keywords: i like the sound of that‚ apollo.
Keywords: apollo‚ could you repeat that?
Keywords: apollo! not in public!
Keywords: you're so stupid‚ apollo!
Keywords: i hate it when apollo does that.
Keywords: i don't know. ask apollo.
Keywords: i'm not going to fight you‚ apollo!
Keywords: apollo thinks you're ugly.
Keywords: apollo also thinks you're fat.
Keywords: apollo is not impressed.
Keywords: apollo questions that.
Keywords: get over yourself‚ apollo.
Keywords: oooh no you don't‚ apollo!
Keywords: apollo! get off my wife!
Keywords: apollo is kind of sexy.
Keywords: don't tell apollo i said that.
Keywords: i just wanted to see apollo naked!
Keywords: you can't fault me for loving apollo.
Keywords: okay apollo. i got it.
Keywords: read my lips: i hate apollo.
Keywords: yes‚ apollo. i am okay with that.
Keywords: think you're so smart‚ apollo?
Keywords: apollo my good man!
Keywords: and how is apollo on this fine evening?
Keywords: what does apollo want for dinner?
Keywords: say what‚ apollo?
Keywords: apollo's not having any of that.
Keywords: may apollo speak up?
Keywords: thank you. apollo says you suck.
Keywords: apollo would like to know the facts.
Keywords: apollo thinks you're annoying.
Keywords: apollo. stop talking.
Keywords: i'm going to buy apollo a drink!
Keywords: and then i will take apollo home with me
Keywords: apollo you silly goof!
Keywords: all right apollo. you're a winner.
Keywords: apollo said WHAT?
Keywords: tell apollo to suck it.
Keywords: dear apollo: go fuck yourself.
Keywords: don't you do this to me‚ apollo!
Keywords: sure apollo. suuuure.
Keywords: apollo. this is me we're talking about.
Keywords: don't you get it‚ apollo?
Keywords: i don't love apollo anymore!
Keywords: i want apollo out of here!
Keywords: oh please‚ apollo!
Keywords: uh...apollo. is that what i think it is?
Keywords: let's be serious‚ apollo.
Keywords: now i'm going to explain this to apollo.
Keywords: ew‚ apollo! that's gross!
Keywords: i look like apollo here.
Keywords: apollo's making me grimace.
Keywords: apollo‚ please shut up now.
Keywords: do you really think so‚ apollo?
Keywords: apollo. don't do that.
Keywords: um‚ apollo. that's weird.
Keywords: is THAT what you think‚ apollo?
Keywords: idk about you but i hate apollo!
Keywords: apollo‚ are you feeling alright?
Keywords: apollo's making me sick.

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