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User:salesman (9179)
i don't care about expensive things! cashmere coats, diamond rings...
they don't mean a thing! all i care about is love.
Name:eddie jr!

put things in perspective, try & learn a lesson
because it's not life or death, it's only business!
Interests:35: a good first impression, always looking professional, apollo oldridge, being politically correct, brandy, building model cars, business suits, cameron stebbins, carmichael chrysler and jeep, cars, david bradley, donating to various charities, ed carmichael sr, fine wines, harold dingle, harrison muldoon, jazz music, london school of economics, making the sell, managing the band, matthew bates, playing the trumpet, pleasing samantha, ravenclaw, samantha capper, scotch, secretly dancing, serenading samantha, swing dancing, the big band era, the carmichael catalog, the occasional alcoholic beverage, top notch grades, unfortunately not my mother, while the city sleeps
People79:ajohnson, amicability, architect, badinerie, balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cho, clagg, cormac, crab, creepy, daftne, dicktator, dthomas, dunstan, english, ernest, eugenie, explosives, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, foulmouthflint, freddy, gems, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, harried, hooper, ireland, ironyinherent, katies, keenan, lackey, lysol, macbeth, mchammer, melinda, moragwrites, muffins, neuro, noraptors, notwilly_thanks, obnoxious, orange, peakes, peta, philosopher, poisonous, ppatil, prayer, propriety, punish, redtresses, residentabyss, ritchie, salesman, science, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, stebbins, sunshine, tattle, teacherofrock, toke, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, vpmods, vpnpc, wangsta, waynehopkins
Account type:Early Adopter

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