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Community Information

Below is information about the "The A list" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:alist (10607)
(no userpics)
Name:The A list
a l i s t !

introduction: Welcome to A list, a new rating community brought to Scribbld from GJ. Here, at [info]alist, we only accept the best. Applicants will be rated on their looks, and looks alone. We encourage our members to rate harshly, and also to be mature when rating applicants. Drama will not be tolerated in this community. However, if your ego bruises easily, please refrain from applying. After all, this is a rating community.

rules for applicants:
1. Please fill out the application in its entirety.
2. Do not comment on any other post except for your own. Excessive commenting is annoying, so be discreet about your replies.
3. When applying, make sure you put everything under an LJ-cut. Your cut should say "application".
4. Make sure you promote. If you don't post links, your application will be deleted, and you'll be rejected automatically.
5. You will be rated on an A-D rating scale, "A" being the highest. In order to be accepted here, you must have a B or above.

rules for members:
1. All pictures must be put under an LJ-cut.
2. When voting on applicants, use an A-D rating scale, "A" being the highest
3. If we feel you are voting highly on your friends application, your vote will be deleted.
4. Keep your personal grudges out of this community. We are based completely on looks, personal problems with another person is not fair reason to give them a low rating.
5. Members are encouraged to give constructive criticism to applicants, and to vote reasonably.
6. If you find a member unattractive, instead of causing drama, you have the option of dueling them out.
7. You are required to duel once a month.

rules for duels:
1. You must duel at least once a month.
2. All members will be given a duel banner. You must cash in points to change your duel banner, so when choosing your pictures, choose wisely.
3. A listers may only duel A listers. B listers have an opportunity to duel B listers and A listers.
4. If you are a B lister and win three duels against three different A listers, you will be promoted to the A list.
5. If you are an A lister, and have lost three duels against a B lister, you will be demoted to the B list.

duel out rules:
1. Duel-outs will be posted in a poll, and comments will be disabled on the entry.
2. In order to request a duel-out, go here, and fill out the form. Your reply will be screened.
3. If you have been dueled out, you may reapply in a month's time. However, if you are challenged out again, you may not reapply.

[info]flamecup [info]harsh [info]brutal

Maintainers:2: alistmod, drug
Members:17: alistmod, bluntz, doubleindemnity, drug, drugs, estella, hotdigidydog, incense, kissys, party, popbottles, songbird, sounditout, tryst, tulips, twilightcircus, weak
Watched by:6: alistmod, bluntz, doubleindemnity, hotdigidydog, kissys, twilightcircus
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2008-01-07 13:32:37
Date updated:2008-02-13 18:13:33, 720 weeks ago
Clients used:
Journal entries:25
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 85
Posting Access:17: alistmod, bluntz, doubleindemnity, drug, drugs, estella, hotdigidydog, incense, kissys, party, popbottles, songbird, sounditout, tryst, tulips, twilightcircus, weak

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