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Community Information

Below is information about the "Aquariums" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:aquariums (11037)
(no userpics)
Theme:We are all about Freshwater Fish and Plants and Aquariums.
About:This community is all about Tropical Freshwater Fish.

Basics will discussed about keeping Freshwater Fish
Breeding Freshwater Fish
Tank conditions
Multiple tank set-ups
DIY Projects
Species Information and Education
Live Foods and Dry Foods
Information on Fish Societies
Fish Health
Information On Aquarium and Fish products

I wanted to start a community so that I can share some of the information that I have learned from being a member of an aquarist society with 50 years behind them! They have really helped in my fish keeping and breeding.

I also wanted to start a community for people who are serious about their fish hobby. I also want to add that people of all experience levels are welcome. If anything this community can become an archive of all that I and others have learned.

Freshwater Aquarium News Groups
For info on how to read newsgroups:
How to Read Newsgroups

1. No trolling - Trolls will be banned
2. No personal attacks or insulting. - Banable Offense.
3. This community is against any type sof animal abuse, any material posted depicting it in the slightest, the post will be deleted and user banned.

There are bound to be different opinions, please be respectful.
Interests:69: african cichlids, alage, algae eaters, apistogramma, aquaria, aquariums, baby brine shrimp, barbs, betta, bichirs, biotope tanks, breeding fish, central american cichlids, cichlids, community, cories, cory catfish, corydoras, corys, danios, dinosaur eel, diy, eels, filters, fish, fish auctions, fish breeders, fish clubs, fish food, fish rooms, freshwater fish, frozen food, genetics, gravel, guppies, heaters, kribensis, kribs, live brine shrimp, live food, live plants, livebearers, melanotaenia bosemani, melanotaenia praecox, microworms, mollies, mystery snail, planted tanks, platys, pleco, plecostomus, pomacea bridgesii, pumps, rainbow fish, rainbowfish, semi-aggressive, shrimp, snails, spawning, substrate, swords, tanganyikan tanks, tank equiptment, testing water, tetra, tropical fish, water, water changes, water conditions
Members:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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