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Matthew Calabrese ([info]thanton) wrote in [info]characterlist,
@ 2008-07-21 23:30:00

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Is there a motel in this place?

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2008-07-21 11:51 pm UTC (link)
No motel, huh? First time I've ever been to a town without a motel. Know of any place I can stash my car, honey?

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2008-07-22 12:12 am UTC (link)
That's where you have options. There's a pretty secure parking lot about 3 blocks down and then theres that garage right over there...so yeah.

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2008-07-22 12:59 pm UTC (link)
Leave my baby in a public garage? There aren't any assholes here who might jack my car, are there?

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2008-07-22 08:56 pm UTC (link)
Not normally. Anyway there's a security guard there and you have to have a ticket and everything to get the gate open so I dont think people would go through the trouble.

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2008-07-23 05:31 am UTC (link)
Good. Thanks for the information, doll.

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