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Community Information

Below is information about the "Sleepless in Chicago" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:chicago_night (58839)
Sleepless in Chicago
Wander the night - and bring your cameras and notebooks
Theme:Night photography, journaling and literature in Chicago, and maybe some social events
Location:Chicago, United States

Do you live in Chicago or at least drop by to visit? Do you find yourself up insanely late - and I don't mean 10:01 pm? Want to go out with a group, do some late night photography and socializing, and then talk about it later? That's what this group is for. I'll stretch the definition of "Chicago" to take in all of the suburbs served by the El, but Elgin and Joliet aren't going to make the cut. The essence of this group is spontaneity, half of the time - you're sitting in your room, just feel the urge to go do something, and so you head out to do it - and if we have to try to wait two hours for a Metra train to take us somewhere, while we're acting on the same urge? Bye, bye spontaneity.

Foggy Night

Late night dining, stories about experiences you've had, everything relating to life well after dark in Chicago - except for infighting, which we really don't need to hear. If you have to do that, a community has been created for that, so please take it over there. Also, this is not an adult community, so please post any mature material (something that in cinematic terms would merit more than a PG rating) in the companion group created for that purpose.

If you'd like to talk about late night experiences outside of Chicago, or share some fiction set late at night, please join "the Red Eye", and bring a few friends. If you're wondering who is running this group, this is my profile, and the terrible decisions I've made are explained on my moderation journal. You can follow both the discussions and the photo pool for this group by e-mail, through Feedburner, or follow this group and the Red Eye by following Nightfall on Twitter. You can return to your ring via Webring Webspace or Freewebspace.com, if you don't see the code for it, below.

The America Webring

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Great Lakes Alliance

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Night Creatures - Cloaked In Darkness

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The Night World

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That Flicker

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Maintainers:1: dreamscape
Members:1: dreamscape
Account type:Early Free User

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