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[05] weakness (persona 3; spoilers for november)

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something beautiful → Joshua
COMPOSED → composer's writings

[05] weakness (persona 3; spoilers for november)

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oh? → Naoto

It had been his idea to come here.

There they stood before the small memorial in silence.

Yoshino Chidori ...

She had been one of them. The three of them had been through hell together ever since they were children, and they supported each other through it all.

They had a plan, and it had already been set in motion. They would be special. They would be something.

All that was left was for each of them to play her part.

She knew very well what her part was, and played it for a while.

But then, one day... she fell in love.

Her feelings made her reckless, and at the last moment... she betrayed them.

"She was a fool. A weak fool."

The young hacker looked over at Takaya, but remained silent.

"She should have known better than to form an attachment like that."

He winced nigh-imperceptibly at the word "attachment".

"... yeah. She was a fool... Takaya."

"Come, Jin. We are wasting time here. Someone like her does not deserve our pity."

As Takaya walked away, Jin took one last look at Chidori's memorial.

"Don't worry... You aren't the only weak one here."
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