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User:composer (22674)
→ it's so WONDERFUL.
the world ends in you and I ♡
Bio:"The only thing stopping you from seeing what she really looks like... is you."

I am the Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu of Scribbld.
I am the Anemone of Scribbld.

Joshua x Neku.
Dominic x Anemone.
Shinjiro x Akihiko.
Interests:61: /cm/, /v/, 4chan, anemone, anime, asian music, atlus, avatar: the last airbender, being awesome, boa kwon, c-pop, coffee, death note, digital devil saga, drawing shitty art, ds lite, earthbound, eureka seven, fanfiction, gaming, giygas, gyakuten saiban, hanging out, headphones, house m.d., j-pop, j-urban, japanese, jin shirato, joshua/neku, lulz, m-flo, manga, mother, mother 2, mother 3, musicals, my friends are awesome, nintendo, perfume, persona 3, phoenix wright, pokemon, reading, roleplaying, sarcasm, shin megami tensei, shinjiro/akihiko, slash, subarashiki kono sekai, subaseka, sweeney todd, takaya/jin, twewy, video games, wii, world ends with you, writing, yoshiya "joshua" kiryuu, すばらしきこのせかい, マザー
People5:eevee, jimmy, kenzaninathong, news, system
Communities9:_otp, animeaddme, animeicons, composed, dear_you, iam, joshua_beam, ream, roleplays
Account type:Early Free User

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