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something beautiful → Joshua
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[06] untitled (pokemon; g; originshippy if you squint real hard? okay, not really)

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oh? → Naoto
Based on something that happened in Jesus Island, a Pokemon RP I used to be in on LJ.

"...explain this."

His tone was calm... too calm.

Every once in a while, Wallace would look over at Steven, but he quickly returned his gaze to the clearing in front of them... The clearing that, a few hours prior, was the location of his beloved air-car.

"There honestly... isn't a good explanation for it. I don't understand it either."

"...but you said you knew what happened to it."

"I do, but that doesn't mean it makes sense to me!"

"Please, just... tell me what happened to my car."

"...all right. But you're not going to believe it-"


"Well... it's like this."

Steven took a deep breath...

"...I think Koko kind of... ate your car."

What followed could very well have been one of the most awkward silences in history.

"...what. But how could- I would never have thought- what."

Steven couldn't remember the last time he'd seen Wallace at a loss for words like this.

For a while they stood, once again, in silence until...

"You owe me, I hope you realize."

"Well, yeah."

After a pause:



"It can fly, can't it?"

"...How long?"

"Until I can get another means of transportation."

Steven sighed and handed the Pokéball containing Metagross over to Wallace, then made a mental note to find a better leash for Koko. Sometimes keeping track of fifteen Aron was a real pain.
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