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[09] listen. (The World Ends With You; G; implied one-sided Composer/Neku)

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oh? → Naoto
Title: listen.
Fandom: The World Ends With You.
Genre: General.
Rating: G.
Summary: He loved to play the violin. (Implied one-sided Composer/Neku.)

Despite this involving the Composer, it doesn't really have any major spoilers.

Also, this is pathetically short. 147 words? Way to go, self.

The Composer loved to play the violin. It soothed Him.

The others would often hear Him playing late into the night. They may have thought it unusual, but who were they to question Him?

He had only started playing the violin on a regular basis after that last Game. The one that He had regrettably won.

They all knew that if He had had His way, He would have stayed close to His proxy forever. But it was too dangerous.

He would have given him anything. But the boy was happy back in the RG, and who was He to take that away from him?

There were some things even the Composer couldn't have.

And so, as He watched the boy, he played. He played until well after midnight, the tune growing more and more frenzied as His loneliness intensified.

And all they could do was listen.
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