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[01] blue dolphin (yugioh gx)

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[01] blue dolphin (yugioh gx)

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Title: Blue Dolphin
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Rating: G
Genre(s): General
Summary: Sometimes she simply wanted to be a dolphin… (light ManjoumexAsuka kindasortamaybe)
Word Count: 408

It was dusk and Asuka was at the lighthouse, alone.

Some people thought her life was perfect. After all, she was beautiful, a powerful and very respected duelist, and so many boys chased after her. What more could a girl want?

In reality, though, those were some of the things that she felt she could do without.

She got a lot of attention from the boys, sure, but most of the time it was unwanted. She couldn’t count the number of times that she had been asked out. Could they not understand that her one and only love was dueling, that that very likely wouldn’t be changing anytime soon?

Momoe and Junko weren’t helping with their comments about her "feelings" for Juudai…

She was quite the formidable duelist, and this wasn’t the part that she minded. The part that she minded was the title that she gained— “The Queen of Obelisk Blue”. The truth is that she really didn’t want to be the queen. She wanted to be treated like everyone else.

Sometimes, though, she simply wanted to be a dolphin. Then she could swim away to be by herself if she wanted to…

It was then that she looked up and noticed that she had company.

“…Manjoume-kun? How long have you been here?”

The black-haired boy stayed quiet for a bit; he seemed to be taking his time coming up with an answer for her question.

“I’ve… been here for a while.”


There was a pause.

“So what brings you here, Tenjoin-kun?”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“It sure doesn’t seem like nothing.”

Another pause.

“Okay, you’re right. It isn’t nothing.”

The trenchcoat-clad boy remained silent, waiting for the blonde to voice what was on her mind if she wanted to.

“I’m just… tired of people putting me on a pedestal. I don’t want all these boys hitting on me and asking me out. I don’t want people idolizing me. I just want to be treated like an ordinary girl.”

A cool salt breeze blew, causing Asuka to shiver slightly.

“Tenjoin-kun, you’re so much more than just an ordinary girl,” Manjoume said, removing his coat and draping it over Asuka’s shoulders. “But if it’ll make you happy… I’ll treat you like one.”

Asuka looked up at him and smiled, her wish to be a dolphin so that she could swim away and be alone forgotten.

“Thank you, Manjoume-kun.”

Manjoume just stayed silent and looked off into the distance.
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