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July 27th, 2008

{My Hat Project!} @ 01:20 pm

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I just love those colours!! They really seem to POP in the picture. Now I am working on a black hat for Toby. Pictures will be up soon for that one as well.

I got the instrustions from
here but after following the intial directions I decided that the hat was too small and after some Trial and Error I was able to create a new set of directions to make it bigger for my head and and Toby's.

Also the videos I watched for that hat are included in her post so this way I don't have to link them you can just click on the above link {which is the link to her hat post}, and at the bottom of the post she has linked her Youtube videos on how to make the hat.

Alright I better skedaddle because I have to watch kids tonight and I wanted to work on Toby's hat until 3pm, hop in the shower, and then go get gas before leaving at 4:30 to head to my sister's house to watch the twins. 

July 8th, 2008

{002} Links Post @ 08:59 pm

If you have a favourite website that you use often, that relates to the community, leave a comment with a link and I'll add it to the user info.

Also if there are other links you want to suggest, community related of course, then leave a comment with the links and I'll add them to the user info.

{001} Introductions post @ 07:53 pm

Ok so this is where you can give some information about yourself like your name, you DO NOT have to use your real name, what your preference is, how long you have been doing that, if you want to try anything else and just anything else about yourself that you want us to know.

So my name is Kiki but recently I picked up the name ZolaRayne, after our newest kitten plus it's my second Magickal Name and the only one that I am allowed to speak of, but please call me Zola. I have just recently got back into Sewing, Knitting, and Crocheting after not doing them for quite sometime. My preference is crocheting but knitting is climbing its way up the list.

I love using pretty colored yarn and I try to stay away from really dark colors such as black, brown, dark blue, etc etc. I don't have a size preference on my hooks or knitting needles right now just experimenting with a few different sizes to see how they look. I can't wait until I am good enough to start making afghans and messenger bags. Though if I did get good enough to make them I would probably sell them or give them to charity...also if I get good enough I might start taking requests on things from family and friends.

Well that about covers me I can't wait to see who else will join and make this a lively community ^_^

My Crochet Projects