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Lois Lane ([info]reporterofsteel) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-01-11 23:48:00

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Entry tags:lois lane, superman

Dogsitting (Clark)
Lois still had Krypto.

She'd taken him when she left the JLA party and had kept him since.  He seemed a happier dog, honestly, getting his ears scritched and his tummy rubbed.  She'd gotten him some dog treats as well and was strongly considering buying him a dog bed, though she'd gotten used to him curling up in hers.  It made things less empty somehow and while Clark's absence was still sharp, she wasn't so entirely alone.

She did, however, wonder when the man himself would finally show up and what excuse for ignoring her he had this time.  Lois winced as that thought crossed her mind.  She was angry, but even she had a hard time hating Superman.

Especially because she was in love with him.

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2011-01-12 06:51 pm UTC (link)
Clark arrived at the apartment tired and despondent. He had just finished working 42 hours straight- sleep was something he could go without if required, like air or food- but all his research had told him that doing so for extended periods could have serious consequences.

[i]Tell that to those kids in Haiti...[/i] he though resolutely, as he made his way in from the balcony. So many problems were beyond him- a giant meteor or an alien invasion he could handle, but Cholera? Refugees? Poverty? He hadn't found a way to fix those with super strength or heat vision. Which was why when he wasn't out doing disaster relief, most of the rest of his time was spent at the Fortress. Thousands of years of Kryptonian history and science were available to him, if he could just find a way to translate applications to helping people here on earth...

It was only when he saw Krypto that he remembered what had happened at the party. "Oh no" Clark said putting a hand on the side of his face. Krypto looked up at him with a scowl.

"Lois?" he called, deciding he should bite the bullet and have this discussion now.

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2011-01-12 07:48 pm UTC (link)
"Kitchen," she said. Her voice was sharp and when Clark entered the room he'd find her putting away groceries, most notably a twenty pound bag of dog food that she had hauled by herself with the rest of the groceries--something typically Clark's job.

"To what do I owe the privilige?" She didn't turn around and she made no effort to hide just how sad she was.

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2011-01-22 01:22 am UTC (link)
"You left the party early" he said carefully. "I though you might want to talk. About...us". For a moment he thought he should change into something else, something less brazen. But this was the elephant in the room. The Cape, the Costume, why try to hide it?

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2011-01-22 10:29 pm UTC (link)
"There isn't an us, Clark. Superman. Kal...whoever it is you are." She didn't turn around but she had stopped and was now standing very still.

"There's you and there's the world in need. I don't exist in it. You are so preoccupied with what might happen in Malaysia that I could get hit by a bus on Fifth and you'd never know. There used to be a time when I at least ranked somewhere in the top fifteen priorities; I knew I'd never be number one or even number five, but I knew that if I needed you, you'd be here.

"Now all I know is that I am at the absolute bottom of your list, and even then I don't even rate five minutes of your time. I don't even rate a phone call of 'happy birthday, Lois' these days. I'm nothing to you. I can't do that anymore. I can't just sit here and hope that maybe someday you remember I exist. It's the world, your friends, other planets, then me."

Krypto walked in, moving to sit by Lois protectively.

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2011-01-26 08:53 am UTC (link)
Clark stood in stunned silence, and reached out an arm to lean against the back of the couch. He wasn't surprised, no that wasn't it- it was instead a kind of sudden realization that he had seen this coming. It had happened to Clark during fights before- something hits you, and you realize that A- it was a fist, and B- you could have dodged it had you tried.

He suddenly saw everything he had done from the outside, from a fresh perspective that made it seem plain-as-day that he had been asking for this. Where the hell was this insight when I needed it? he thought bitterly.

He looked up, surprisingly calm. "You're right. You deserved- deserve, better. This was my fault. I failed..." He pulled himself up to standing. His eyes glazed over as he wondered, as he often did, how he let another important relationship- the most important relationship he had- fail. "I guess we were never meant to work" he said, his voice breaking. His eyes had grown red and watery, but he wouldn't let himself cry. Even here, with Her.

He sniffed "Krypto and you seem to be doing well together, so if its alright with you maybe he could stay." Clark tried to smile "I'd feel better with you two looking after each other."

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2011-01-27 03:17 am UTC (link)
She looked at him as though she'd been slapped. She hadn't expected him to just...quit. Lois thought he'd at least try to work something out. That he didn't, that he just ended it, was telling.

I never meant anything to him.

"Krypto can stay and you can see him when you'd like. He's a good dog and he loves you. I wouldn't keep you from him."

She cleared her throat a bit.

"So I guess it's settled."

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2011-01-30 12:26 am UTC (link)
"I guess so" Clark said softly. He reached out a hand to Lois, wanting to brush her cheek- but he stopped himself. It wasn't appropriate.

You can't give her what she needs, what she deserves he thought. He felt dizzy, like things were spinning out of control. What was happening? How had he let things get this far?

He held it in. He couldn't let himself feel this way.

"Goodbye Lois" he said, looking back at her one last time, before turning to fly away. "I'm sorry..."

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2011-01-30 03:54 am UTC (link)
Lois didn't say anything. She just let him go, though the moment she knew he had flown away, she sat down on the floor, hugged Krypto, and started to cry. There was nothing else to do.

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2011-02-04 02:10 am UTC (link)

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