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Night In Gotham (open) @ 04:51 am



It was a hard city. It was her city.

Helena Rosa Bertinelli was an English teacher by day, but by night she was the Huntress.

A local drug dealer was having his sellers getting closer and closer to her school. No one messed with her kids. Drugs near her school would not be tolerated, nor would gangs. As soon as she heard about the drugs dealers Helena made a plan to take action. There would be no drugs near her kids.

After school had let out, she donned her costume and went hunting.

The low level guys were taken out rather easily. It took Helena a little while to find the upper management, but she did find them. It had been a brutal fight, but in the end she had won. The only problem she had was that the bigwig wasn't there.

Now Helena was looking for him.

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When Perry had pulled Clark last week and said "Alright Kent, your stuff on the Entertainment Section has been dynamite lately, so I'm giving you the feature interview for 'Planet'." Clark had had 3 immediate emotional responses.

1- Guilt
Guilt over the fact that he had not actually written the work for the entertainment section. Instead, the artificial intelligence systems at the Fortress had analyzed wire feeds and the internet to produce manageable stories. Hence the reason he had switched to the entertainment column- where regurgitating old information over and over again was called writing, rather than plagiarism. It had also allowed for Clark to send in his stories while he was "on the road" supposedly following the entertainment circuit.
2- Elation
Planet was a new monthly magazine that featured work from Daily Planet contributors, and had quickly become considered on par with Time and Newsweek. The centerpiece interview gave Clark the opportunity to interview leaders in politics and industry the world over.
3- Apprehension
It took Clark a moment before he started to get a sinking feeling, when he remembered who this months interview subject was. Bruce. Wayne.

So now Clark found himself in Los Angeles staring at his watch, then back up at the empty restaurant. Bruce had rented out the entire place, of course. In fact, he had likely just bought the place. The fact that it was Ivy one of the most prestigious infamous celebrity hotspots in LA wouldn't matter to Bruce Wayne in the least. He loves acting the idiot playboy Clark thought, smiling. The smile disappeared when he saw Bruce enter the room.

Clark had deliberately chosen to do the interview when Bruce was scheduled to be out of Gotham, on business. He wasn't going to violate Bruce's "Stay out of my town" ultimatum- but only out of respect for his friend. If Clark decided he was needed in Gotham, Superman would be there. Whether Bruce liked it or not.

Clark stood as Bruce approached, holding out a hand. "Mr. Wayne, its a pleasure to see you again."