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It occurred to Diana that Bruce probably wouldn't be completely thrilled with her for this, but Diana needed to speak with Hal. It was a complicated situation. The man had been her friend and it wasn't something she was easily going to set aside. However, she had heard Bruce's story and she remembered for herself just how deadly things had been when Hal was a man possessed. She had her reservations and while she was going to be keeping particular watch on Hal Jordan since the League (herself included) had voted to welcome him back, she also wanted to sit down with the man herself. Diana called up Hal and arranged to meet him on his home turf and then arrived early. She hoped this went well.

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Current Location: Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice.



Captain Marvel had come by, as Superman requested, to get his communicator...but also to absorb it all.

It's not like he hadn't been part of a team.  Of legends, no less.  That's what the Justice Society *is*, for heavens sake.   But this...this is different.    With the JSA, he was either the "youngster" to folks like Jay Garrick or he was the "old hand" to folks like Hourman.

Don't get him started on Courtney.

He's hoping with the JLA...it's more of a peer to peer relationship.  Even though, in reality, he is the youngun.

He walks into the building, curious if anyone is around.