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captainmarvel ([info]captainmarvel) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-11-17 20:09:00

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Current location:Hall of Justice
Entry tags:aquaman, captain marvel

The Hall of Justice.



Captain Marvel had come by, as Superman requested, to get his communicator...but also to absorb it all.

It's not like he hadn't been part of a team.  Of legends, no less.  That's what the Justice Society *is*, for heavens sake.   But this...this is different.    With the JSA, he was either the "youngster" to folks like Jay Garrick or he was the "old hand" to folks like Hourman.

Don't get him started on Courtney.

He's hoping with the JLA...it's more of a peer to peer relationship.  Even though, in reality, he is the youngun.

He walks into the building, curious if anyone is around.

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2010-11-19 04:23 am UTC (link)
Arthur was on monitoring duties. It wasn't one of the most exciting jobs, but Lorena had been haranguing him about stuff that needed to be done in Sub Diego and this gave him a great excuse to get some peace and quiet.

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2010-11-19 08:19 pm UTC (link)
Marvel walked through the halls, speaking out loud nearabouts where the monitor area was. "Hello?" Marvel called out. "Anyone around?"

No, they're going to leave the door open while they went out for a Big Belly Burger. Nimrod.

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2010-11-19 10:27 pm UTC (link)
"In here," Arthur called out.

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2010-11-19 11:32 pm UTC (link)
Marvel heard the voice and walked into the monitor room. "Hello, Aquaman." Billy said, formally. He didn't know Arthur well enough to be familiar. "Superman had asked me to stop by to pick up an actives communicator."

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2010-11-20 12:18 am UTC (link)
"Captain Marvel," Arthur said in greeting. "I believe we have some around here. It's been awhile since I've been here."

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2010-11-20 12:53 am UTC (link)
"Fair enough." Marvel said. He didn't feel quite comfortable nosing around on his own. "How are you?"

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2010-11-20 01:00 am UTC (link)
"Well enough," Arthur said as he stood up. "Yourself?" Arthur wasn't good at small talk or chitchat. He checked in a drawer. Communicators had to be around here somewhere.

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2010-11-20 01:04 am UTC (link)
"Can't complain too much." Captain Marvel said. He then pondered for a second before speaking again. "What happened with the League?"

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2010-11-20 01:16 am UTC (link)
"We disbanded after the whole thing with Green Lantern," Arthur said as he looked in another drawer. They had to be around here somewhere. "A few of us stopped a possible alien invasion and we decided the League was needed again."

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2010-11-20 01:24 am UTC (link)
Billy made a face. "Is that why Superman's so upset? He tried not to let on, but something was bothering him and it had something to do with the League."

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2010-11-20 01:36 am UTC (link)
"There's a lot of mistrust all around," Arthur explained as he shut the drawer and opened another one. "It's going to take time to rebuild it. Batman leaving already didn't help matters."

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2010-11-20 10:15 pm UTC (link)
"Wai...Batman quit? Why?"

Billy knew he was going to irritate Aquaman at some point, but...he's a teenager. Who idolizes these heroes. And who just doesn't understand.

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2010-11-20 11:36 pm UTC (link)
"The whole Green Lantern thing," Arthur said as he opened another drawer and found some communicators. "He quit five minutes after joining. It's Batman."

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2010-11-22 11:57 pm UTC (link)
"Green Lantern thing?" Marvel said. "This is a bit confusing, Batman quit because of Green Lantern?"

There was a slight hint of 'upset' on Billy's face.

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2010-11-24 04:09 am UTC (link)
"Jordan went bad for awhile. Was killed and came back. Bats doesn't trust him and didn't like the rest of us giving him a second chance."

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2010-11-24 08:57 pm UTC (link)
Marvel thought about this...and was kind of upset that in the kind of world where heroes preached about the need for second chances, Batman seemed unwilling to give one of his own.

"OK." Marvel said flatly. Continuing the conversation with Aquaman would get him nowhere. "Thanks for looking."

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2010-11-24 09:06 pm UTC (link)
Arthur shrugged. "Bats will get over it or the League will go on without him."

He opened a drawer and his search was over. "Found one," he said and pulled one out of the drawer. He offered it to Marvel.

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2010-12-15 05:10 am UTC (link)

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