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Batman/Bruce Wayne ([info]thedarkknight) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
"Why don't you start by explaining the bodies, Jordan?" comes a voice from behind the group, at the opposite end of the room. Anyone looking in that direction will hear Batman's familiar rasp as he steps into the room, his eyes locked on Hal.

"I knew you were arrogant, Jordan, but showing up here after everything you've done...you found one thing I /didn't/ expect." Batman says, dropping a manila folder on the table.

"Those photos are from Davis Mortuary in Coast City, where Hal Jordan was buried until last month. On the night of September 20th, the owners of the funeral home, as well as five of their workers were found dead around a particular gravestone. No marks or wounds. The owners of the home, Kate and Brian Davis were in their mid-forties and decent health.

Dave Richcards, 43, Vincent Morris,28, Ben Warton, 31, Alex Liston 26, and Martin Heimer, 35 were also in various stages of health, though none of the men should have dropped dead of their own volition.

Care to elaborate, Jordan?" Batman asks. He doesn't wait for Hal or anyone else to speak up.

"Seven bodies, plus the man who crawls out of the grave make for eight sets of footprints. When I went to the site to conduct my own investigation, I found a /ninth/ set of tracks leading away from the grave, going in the opposite direction from Jordan's.

Male, approximately, 6'1", between 190-200 lbs. He left his business card near the headstone, which is also included in the file on the table. If you won't tell us who helped you...maybe Zatanna will." Batman says, now looking to the magician.

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