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man_of_steel ([info]man_of_steel) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
Superman looked Batman in the eye during his tirade, his gaze never faltering. His eyes followed the Dark Knight as he turned away- to anyone watching, the Man of Steel visibly sagged as his friend left. His face was a stoic mask. Unchanging, unreadable. But his eyes were not.

A stunned silence fell over the room, no one sure of what to say. The League disbanding had been heartbreaking, but the relationships at its core had never seemed in question- not to Superman.

He cleared his throat and addressed the remaining members "I'm sorry you had to see that" he said softly. "We all know Bruce, we know his outlook is very...black and white." He looked at his friends' faces "But also know that his choices are his own. No one makes Batman do anything" he said, his gaze lingering on Zatanna and Hal's faces to ensure they understood "no one.

"Assuming Zatanna is on board, I think we've all done a great thing here today... and we should be proud of it." He said. "Everything is where we left it, and our old communicators should still work if and when we need to get in touch. I think we can work with the old protocols for the moment..." he looked into thin air, his mind clearly occupied.

"Sorry to do this but I'm on a deadline for my latest story. We'll talk again soon" he said, patting Hal on the shoulder one final time before making his way out of the room. To those who knew him, Superman looked like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders...

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