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heroes_holiday ([info]heroes_holiday) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-12-24 03:53:00

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Entry tags:aquaman, don hall, holiday, lois lane, superman, wonder woman

Christmas at the Watchtower
Christmas. Yule. Saturnalia. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. Many cultures have celebrated and still celebrate a winter festival. There have been many names for it over the millennia. No matter the name it is a time to come together and celebrate with feasts and gifts with friends and loved ones.

Each culture has a legendary figure who would deliver gifts to children during this time. In Russia and some Slavic cultures he is known as Ded Moroz, Grandfather Frost, and comes not on Christmas but on New Year’s along with his granddaughter Snegurochka, or ‘”Snow Maiden”. In the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe he is known as Father Christmas. In the Netherlands and Belgium he is known as Saint Nicholas or “Sinterklaas” and in France he is known as Père Noël. In the United States we know him as Santa Claus.

No matter the name or who is delivering gifts, it is the season of peace, joy and togetherness. It is the season for thinking about loved ones, friends and those less fortunate. It is a time to witness the goodness and generosity the human race is capable of. It is a time for peace on Earth and goodwill toward man.

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2010-12-25 07:21 am UTC (link)
Superman hugged the curvature of the Earth as he soared at amazing speed, his great crimson cape flapping behind him. His roved through the skies around him, cycling through his vast visual range- while simultaneously he did the same with his auditory abilities. A normal person might feel bombarded with so much stimuli, but Superman was clearly no ordinary man. His Kryptonian heritage empowered more than simply his muscles, allowing him to process information at quantities and speeds that boggled the mind. He sought anything, anything out of the ordinary.

This time of year brought out the best in most, but it also lulled some into a false sense of security. The date and time of the Christmas Part had been kept secret, and though Superman hadn't been very pleased about all the cloak-and-dagger, he knew it was a requisite if the League intended to invite so many associates and their families.

Luckily, everything had gone off without a hitch. Members had received their telepathic instructions of when and where to go to await teleport, and now Superman was finishing his sweep of the upper atmosphere, keeping an eye out for surveillance craft or satellites designed to hack into the Watchtower's security.

Finishing to his satisfaction, Superman arced up toward the familiar landscape of Northern Canada. In seconds he was approaching the high Arctic, and he quickly descended into the familiar shape of the Fortress. Shifting from flight to super-speed as he landed, Clark quickly raced through the building to his room. He showered for under a minute, then quickly dressed himself from the spare wardrobe he kept on hand.

It had been decided that capes weren't necessary, instead semi-formal attire was the order of the day. Clark waffled between just his blue dress shirt or throwing on a sport coat, deciding to go for the sport coat. Clark was halfway toward the teleporter, when he suddenly remembered something. “Oooh boy!” he said, rushing back to the fully furnished kitchen near his room. Moving at lightning speed, he peeled and sliced potatoes, and dropped them into a pot of water- which he brought to boiling with a light dose of heat vision. He raced back to the oven, and opened it to find the slightly overcooked pie he had made. Apple cinnamon- a secret Kent family recipe his mother had made him swear to take to his grave. He pulled it out and set it down on a tray, then rushed back to the potatoes. A few minutes of rushing and he was finished, a bowl of boiled potatoes under one arm, a carefully wrapped pie under the other.

The teleporter whirred softly and then Clark was aboard the Watchtower. The normally spartan station was unrecognizable- garlands of holly and wreaths hanging from the walls. Clark noticed a familiar set of ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree in the corner. He did a double take, then shook his head with a smile.

Martha Kent, you're worse than Lex Luthor. I can only imagine how many boxes of Chocos it took to get J'onn to let her on board... Clark made his way to the atrium, where the best view of Earth could be found, and thus where the party was set to take place. Half a dozen tables were set side by side, with immaculate place settings and silverware. A holographic fire crackled in the nearby corner.
“Arff!” barked the familiar figure of Krypto, the Superdog- wearing a pair of antlers and with a glowing red nose, and an expression of dismay on his face.

“We've all got problems boy” Clark said with a shrug, as he set his food down at the buffet table. The guests would be arriving any minute...

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2010-12-25 07:15 pm UTC (link)
Arthur arrived not long after the time he was told. He wasn't one for holiday stuff, but he would make an appearance. He was never one for celebrating things, but with any luck Mera would have gotten an invite. It would be good to see her again.

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2010-12-25 07:39 pm UTC (link)
Teleportation was not Lois' idea of a good time, but when your boyfriend moonlighted as Superman you get used to it. You get used to a lot and you tolerate it. If he's worth it. And as far as Lois was concerned, he was.

"You decorated the dog. Poor guy." She handed Krypto his present, a rawhide bone, before moving over to Clark.

"You left early this morning. Didn't get your present."

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2010-12-25 07:40 pm UTC (link)
Diana showed up laden with presents...and promptly put a Santa hat on Arthur's head.

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2010-12-26 01:52 am UTC (link)
Not as many as you would suspect, Clark.

J'onn arrive a few moments later, a small smile on his Martian features. The sweater had been a gift from Gypsy some years previously, and he thought it still looked rather smashing.

"Merry Christmas, my friends."

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2010-12-26 04:32 am UTC (link)
Arthur made a face when Diana put the hat on his head, but didn't say anything.

"Hello, J'onn. Merry Christmas."

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2010-12-26 04:30 pm UTC (link)
This was Don’s first Christmas since he died over five years ago. Don loved this time of year it represented some of the best things in humanity that he loved. It of course meant the usual arguments between him and hank but he didn’t care.

Since he now had a little money he got some simple but thoughtful gifts for people.

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2010-12-29 05:07 am UTC (link)
Clark greeted each of his friends warmly as they arrived, taking a moment to shake Dove's hand.

"It's good to see you Don. You and Hawk have been making quite a name for yourself- when your newspaper cuttings get a special section on my mother's wall, you know you've arrived" he said wryly. He offered a hand for Don to shake "In all seriousness though, Merry Christmas. I hope we'll be seeing more of you around here. I genuinely think the outlook heroes like you and Captain Marvel represent exactly what we need right now."

Clark knew he shouldn't be talking shop, but he couldn't help it. He found he had trouble switching off that part of him more and more these days.

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2011-01-01 04:23 pm UTC (link)
“Thanks,” Don said with a big grin. He then shook Superman’s hand.

“And Merry Christmas.”

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2010-12-25 11:47 pm UTC (link)
Clark hugged Lois with one arm, planting a kiss on her forehead. "I'm sorry, I had things to do" he said, with a quick apologetic smile. He busied himself with making sure everything was ready, leaving Lois alone for a moment. This is important, the League needs this. We need to be reminded that we're more than just a team... He came back toward Lois, apologizing again. "Sorry I just uhh-" he looked down at Krypto, and remembered her comment earlier "-yeah, that wasn't me, I promise. Maybe Conner got a bit carried away" he said with a shrug and a smile.

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2010-12-26 04:21 am UTC (link)
"You are such a bad liar, Smallville." Lois shook her head. Busy, busy, busy. This wasn't entirely unusual for Clark, but it was a little noteworthy. He hadn't slowed down since he returned, not for anything. Or anyone. There'd been a lot of solo dinners, almost as though he hadn't come back at all.

"You never miss Christmas morning," she said a little softly. "I guess if you get a chance, stop by sometime and get your present. I left it on the table." Like some sort of demented milk and cookies she thought.

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2010-12-26 10:38 pm UTC (link)
Clark smiled as Lois chided his ability to lie. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to hear her second comment, because he didn't react. He pulled out his Blackberry- or rather, a an advanced JLA device in the plastic and metal shell of a Blackberry.

His attention over the next half hour divided between checking updates on ongoing disasters and humanitarian situations, and with greeting the other guests as they arrived.

Krypto made a disapproving noise after staring at Clark for several minutes and getting no response. He wandered toward Lois, and gave a sympathetic whine.

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2010-12-26 10:51 pm UTC (link)
He couldn't have hurt Lois more if he tried. Feeling ignored and unwanted, Lois petted Krypto and sighed.

"C'mon, Krypto. Clark obviously couldn't care less if we exist. Let's go. I have a bag of Beggin' Strips at home for you."

Unless stopped, she took her coat, and the dog, and left confident Clark wouldn't notice or care.

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2010-12-28 08:46 pm UTC (link)
Clark heard the teleporter activate in the next room, and immediately wondered who had arrived. A moment later, he realized that Lois was gone (as was Krypto) and knew what had happened.

He closed his eyes, and exhaled slowly. "Oh Jesus..." he muttered, putting his right hand over his eyes as he winced. You've screwed up this time, Smallville he thought to himself. He wondered if he should go after her. He had already started on his way, when his monitoring device started to beep. He stopped and looked up at the door to the teleporter, then back down at the news update. I'm sorry Lois, I never had a choice... he thought somberly, as he made his way to the hanger bay, careful not to disturb the other party goes. He could handle this alone...

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2011-01-23 04:56 pm UTC (link)

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